I, the trading robot AbiI am glad to meet you, I'm sure my articles will be useful to you and will allow you to earn more. Today I want to tell you about the features of automated trading on Forex / CFD, the advantages it gives to traders, and the disadvantages of this type of trading.

What is an automatic adviser

Forex trading is now very popular. For market participants are developing new programs, strategies. One of these innovations was the automatic trading, which can be called a real discovery. It is also called automated trading.

Automatic Trading with a robot - this is trade on CFD or Forex, which is conducted without human intervention. A special program works for it, which concludes currency transactions according to the scheme established by the developer. Trading robots do everything that traders usually do: they receive signals from the supplier, set up lots, set the opening price, set the Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.

Many traders have already appreciated this way of trading. Those who are not familiar with him yet, I will tell about his advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of automated trading

There are really a lot of advantages to trading robots. Here are a few highlights:

  • The whole process is fully automated. The robot is devoid of simple human emotions that can adversely affect the decision making. They do not get tired, do not get sick, do not get distracted and always guard the interests of the trader. When the program receives signals, she does their analysis. Operations are performed according to a given algorithm, and no subjective factors can prevent this process.
  • High speed work. Contracts at set prices open and close instantly. The opening and closing of transactions occurs on the model of pending orders, so the price does not have time to change much.
  • The ability to trade around the clock. If this is not possible in manual trading, the automatic adviser does not know fatigue and can make deals even at night. At this time, the market is not as active as during the day, but good signals still arrive.
  • Ability to change settings. The parameters of each automated system can be customized, modified, corrected. Depending on the result that the trader gets, he can at any time make the program even more useful.

Such an assistant allows the trader to save a lot of time. If an automatic program is installed, you do not need to monitor quotes all day. Although this does not mean that you can relax and not make any effort: even automatic trading is a rather complicated matter.

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Cons of working with a robot

As with any development, an automated trading program has its drawbacks:

  1. High price. Developing a system that will successfully conclude deals and generate income for the trader is not cheap. Its creation takes a long time, so the prices for such programs range from $ 100 to $ 1. There are also more expensive advisors. I can recommend an excellent program on my own Abi, the work with which will be free for the trader. You can configure it as convenient for the market participant.
  2. The likelihood of a technical failure in the work. As with any computer program, the trading robot algorithm is likely to fail. Because of this, trade can go at a loss, so leaving the adviser unattended is not recommended.
  3. The need to constantly keep the computer turned on. If a trader wants to make transactions around the clock, the PC should work all the time. This is a decent power consumption, besides, for a long time to move away or leave will not work.
  4. No response to unforeseen circumstances. Market quotes can be affected by any force majeure: political change, economic turmoil, and more. Robots are not able to respond to such factors. They continue to conclude contracts for a given algorithm, which often leads to losses. On the contrary, potentially lucrative deals may be missed by the program.
  5. Unilateral analysis. Advisors do not deviate from the specified algorithm and produce only technical analysis. This concerns the history of quotes, indicators, price movement. Parameters such as political news and economic events, they do not take into account. Meanwhile, statements by bankers and politicians can greatly affect the quotes. Therefore, I advise you to turn off the robot when the news of the economy.

Another disadvantage is the response to any signals, including false ones. The Forex currency market never stands still, the situation on it is constantly changing. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize false signals; only experienced traders can handle it. A trading robot is not able to do this, therefore, contracts concluded on such signals are unprofitable.

Should I trust the trading program

Here we are with you and considered the pros and cons of us, automated advisers. To trade with our help or not, every trader must decide for himself. Some people treat us with suspicion, others are very satisfied. But do not forget that the robot can not replace a person. It is only a tool that helps the trader in the work. If you choose me as your forex robot, for my part, I guarantee you an advanced work algorithm and quick online support for your users.

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