If you need a forex robot, a program for automated trading with a broker, then you have come to the right place. Complete a simple registration and in a minute you will receive an advanced program for trading in forex. You can trade in both automatic and manual mode.

The idea to replace the trader with automation arose immediately after the transfer of exchange trading to a digital basis. As soon as the noise of the crowd of traders shouting over each other was replaced by the silence of online work, and graphs and diagrams from pencils turned into flash applications, the thought became literally intrusive. And now, half a century later, programmers are pleased with the information that a robot capable of replacing a speculator has been created. The algorithm of a Forex trading robot promises to make a profit almost independently, freeing a person for more useful activities.

The tasks of forex automation and CFD spec programs and implementation paths

For a person who has never encountered robots, the principle of operation and the logic of the actions of artificial intelligence are interesting. User registered on the official website of the robot Abi and who created the account, sees how the system itself bets, but does not always understand what precedes this action. In fact, the main work of the program is a preliminary process, and it is much more complicated than it might seem.

  1. The program receives data from the news agency. These are real quotes from trusted sources, on the basis of which all preliminary analytics is conducted. It is important to understand that clean brokers use the same proven sources, so despite the slight delay or advance of the quotation chart as a whole, the distortion of the overall picture does not occur. The robot, or rather the price monitoring panel built into it with a live schedule, will show the same situation as a similar monitor on the brokerage company website.
  2. In order for the series of numbers to become statistical data, technical indicators are built into the robot program. There is nothing new in this issue either: any broker will offer at least the simplest set of tools for technical analysis. Moreover, on the Forex-robot platform there is approximately the same list of advisers as in the most popular user pack. These are trend indicators, oscillators and calculators of pending volumes. Theoretically, a trader can try to create the same set on a third-party terminal and compare data. The difference is only in the result, which automation is able to bring all built-in tools at the same time.
  3. But then the most important process begins: the program, by that moment already drawing a picture of the momentary price position, compares this pattern with similar moments in the past. Having made a sample, the program brings statistics - where does the course go after the same situations further and what is the probability of one or another development of events. Naturally, some positions are not seen by the program as unambiguous and suitable for entering a trade. But when, overwhelmingly, the course was moving in a certain direction, the robot makes a bet.

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There is much on the side of automation, and first of all - the speed of information processing. The most advanced trader, able to memorize millions of combinations and signals, cannot process data for several months or quickly check the resulting string with quotes for hundreds of indicators. The robot can do this, and it will take him a few seconds to do it. It should be noted that the installation of a trading robot does not oblige to trade with it. A lady robot can work as an adviser and only offer her own vision of the situation.

Algorithm of actions of the robot for trading on Forex

If we talk about a specific program site binrobot-counters, you need to immediately say a compliment to my developers. There is a feeling that programmers have pre-registered all conflict points and provided for all sharp corners. The system works only at the command of the user and is not able to make its own decisions without preliminary installations. The robot can give advice, and can trade independently in accordance with the established regime. For the trader left even the right to choose a broker in your account for Forex and CFD-trading: the project management does not limit in any way in this matter. Even the most problematic question is avoided: is it not dangerous to trust the developers of the program? The answer is simple: there is no risk, the administration of the robot does not have access to the accounts, does not charge or withdraw funds, does not limit the withdrawal right and does not put additional conditions on the client. The account on the user's account Lady Robot - only the control panel. All calculations are carried out on the website of the brokerage company and according to the rules established by the broker. All that the Forex-Lady project management checks is the profitability and efficiency of the trading algorithm and synchronization with the forex broker platform.

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It is the fact that only mediation, and not direct participation in the work, determines other aspects of cooperation:

  • Minimum recharge plank for a specific broker;
  • minimum and maximum contracts for trading on a specific platform;
  • terms of processing a request for cash-out and other subtleties of withdrawal of funds;
  • amount of leverage that can be provided to the user.

The last moment intersects with the question of settings. Due to the inability to specify specific numbers, programmers indicated the level of risk in three categories: low, medium, high. And already on the broker's platform, the “average” indicator turns into x100 or x20, depending on the range offered by the company.

The rest of the settings proposed by the administration of the robot, the same detailed. Although again you need to make a reservation: the program has a default mode, which is considered the most conservative and safe. If a trader, and especially a novice in the Forex market, does not have a desire to intervene in the system, he can take advantage of this mode. Experienced speculators can reflect any aspect of their own nature of trade in the settings mode:

  • the principle of money management (indicator or mathematical);
  • the list of assets and indicators by which quotations will be evaluated;
  • the size of the bet and their allowable amount at one time;
  • terms of a pending transaction and completion of the transaction;
  • automatic trading time and the transition to semi-automatic mode.

For the convenience of users, each of the proposed settings items is provided with a certificate. It falls out of the cursor, it is necessary to delay it on the desired object. Nevertheless, experienced traders advise extremely carefully to interfere with the settings and after the new version of the combination has been applied, watch the work of the program or test it in a semi-automatic mode. This will make sure that the proposed combination is efficient and logical. However, there is still nothing unnatural in the robot's code, and whatever characteristics are indicated, this will only affect the conservatism or aggressiveness of the trading technique.

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Optimal settings for autotrade and tips mode

Considering the settings mode, you must immediately dissolve the two main techniques of using the program. For autotrading, when the robot is left to itself, it is necessary to provide a more accurate mode that minimizes the risks. If the trader himself is in front of the monitor and can confirm the advice of the Lady-robot, you can specify more aggressive settings.

Separately, it is necessary to say about the mathematical trading algorithm, which is also called indicatorless trading. Its peculiarity is that both the list of assets and the list of analytics tools become irrelevant. Martingale works equally on cryptocurrencies, and on popular pairs, and on raw materials. On the other hand, the size of the bet is of utmost importance for this technology: there must be funds on the 10-15 of minimum bets in the account so that the system can restructure loss-making transactions with counter transactions. The number of allowable rates is also important: in the mode of less than three contracts at the same time, the opportunity to open catch-up and counter transactions to minimize losses is missed.

For the other two techniques, a set of indicators becomes decisive. Fibonacci levels that perform well not only on classic pairs, but also on digital assets, must be supported by volume and MACD indicators. Only in this way the system will be able to see the breakdown levels of the levels and practically guaranteed entry points. But you can safely turn off the oscillators: the testimony of the Stochastic, which does not give anything in this technique, can reduce the number of signals fed.

However, particularly cautious users can say that in matters relating to money, any reinsurance will not be superfluous. Even if the trader leaves some of the unimportant indicators active, it will only increase the accuracy of the robot commands. Reinsurance will reduce the number of active transactions, but it can be instantly expanded by increasing the number of selected assets.

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The most popular mode according to statistics is the classic. He is considered the most evenly assessing the situation. Its basis is trend indicators, so many raiders disable MACD. It is on the classic mode with a maximum of indicators and a minimum of assets that a fully automatic mode can be tested. It is necessary to remove major pairs, that is, sharply reacting to currency news, and a crypt. The latter is too dangerous, often generating stop-loss. For automation, these strips should be made as short as possible. For take profit, this is the same crane, that is, a small profit instead of global ephemeral, and for stop loss - the opportunity not to go into a serious minus and, in general, not to lose money when working with a large leverage.

The main thing that needs to be solved when you run a robot Abi in manual or automatic mode - the size of the bet and the value of leverage. Forex trading and CFD contracts allow insurance of broker’s losses in amounts from a trader’s account. With a large leverage, which the administration of the robot very accurately called the level of risk, even one sharp breakthrough of the course in the opposite direction from the planned course, can lead to serious losses. When autotrading recommended: short stop loss, small (no more than 1 / 20 of the deposit amount as a whole) rate, no more than 5 rates at the same time. The last indicator will help to resist, if some unexpected news will knock out all the plans at the same time.

For the advisor mode, in which the robot only shows where in his opinion it is necessary to bet, you can increase the rate and refuse to close the transaction automatically: you just need to follow the quotes and stop the work manually.

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User feedback on experience with the forex robot

And yet, better than any analysis about the robot say reviews real traders. Perhaps their comments are not so literate and more emotional, but they are sincere and honest.

Traders note:

  • availability of all information about the structure of the program and its algorithm;
  • ease of use and plenty of tips for beginners;
  • application variability and lack of pressure from developers;
  • abundance of tools and partners for work in the market.

A list of specific facts that may affect your decision to trade with binrobot-counters:

  1. The development team is independent and does not receive money for draining the deposit. They need the user to earn himself and tell you about his experience with screenshots and facts. So, they will work and make their product better and better.
  2. The user found in the list of brokers that worked with earlier. You will not have to change something in your habits. We will not name brands, so as not to blame for the advertising of this review, we work only with reliable brokers.
  3. Everyone who knows the principle of technical analysis will be able to verify all signals from the robot with an alternative platform. You will see: in the code of the robot, the usual dial gauges are simply well-chosen and completed for ease of use.

A sufficient number of traders earn with the robot, although we cannot say that this is only the merit of the robot. The quality of open trades strongly depends on the selected trader settings. Correct settings allow you not to miss a good moment and get additional profit. But as an adviser Abi priceless: it gives accurate and competent signals, and the trader can only press the consent button with the robot. In a pair, you can earn more than 1000 dollars in just a week.

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