Overview of the modern program for automatic money making on the Internet. Abi's robot is a program that does not need to be downloaded. You can start work immediately after registration.

Over the past few decades, traders and stock speculators from around the world have been trading in currency pairs in the Forex market. This has become the main source of income for many investors. Yes, and in such earnings really big money is spinning. The main advantage of trading in Forex is the ability not to limit oneself in money and not to put some kind of framework on the amount. They are simply not there!

But to become a successful trader requires knowledge and experience in the complex science of market analysis. And this is not all possible. And within the framework of statistics, only 10-15% traders can become successful and learn to make a profit on a stable basis. 

That is why robots for automated trading have become so popular among beginners. Yes, none of these programs are perfect. Many lead only to discharge deposits. But there are those who are truly high-quality and able to make your income passive and in the long run. The program Binrobot-Lady is just one of those!

Official website and registration

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To start receiving stable earnings on this service, you need to first go to the official website, which is located at https://ru.binrobot-lady.com/. The site is pleasant, comfortable and convenient in terms of navigation. It is not overloaded with unnecessary information, from the main page you will get all the most necessary information about how to use the program and what it is all about.

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In order for the Abi robot to synchronize and connect to the Auto Trading mode, you need to perform three simple steps:

1. Register first thing on the site https://ru.binrobot-lady.com/registration. It takes less than a minute, as the developers have greatly simplified the entire registration process. After that, you automatically get at your disposal a free demo account worth 10 000 dollars. On it, each client gets a unique opportunity without any risks to make sure that the program is working, and then decide whether to deposit money into the trading account or not.

2. Choose one broker from the list of those with which the robot cooperates to earn money on the Abi slot machine, open an account with it and pass the verification, which is mandatory for some brokerage companies. What documents are needed for this, you need to find out directly from the broker's customer support service.

3. Make a minimum deposit and turn on Auto Trading mode.

That's all! After you just have to periodically withdraw profits. 

Most of the peers from competitors are not subject to any changes in terms of settings. Their program code is hidden from users. This complicates the work, because you have to blindly believe that the developers are not deceived, and the work of the robot will really fully comply with the stated description.
The Binrobot-Lady program, on the contrary, has wide settings, thanks to which you can customize your work for yourself, up to the installation of Stop loss, Take profit and leverage. 

The program works in two modes:

• fully automatic - Binrobot-Lady not only independently analyzes the market, but also concludes transactions based on the settings that have been set by the client. 

• trading signals online. The trader gets them from the window of the trading platform, but after that he makes the decision whether to conclude a deal on them or not. Trade can be conducted directly from the personal account of the site.

At the time of this review, the program is synchronized with 7 brokerage companies:

• 24Option,
• Arotrade,
• Ollson Capital,
• GreenFields Capital,
• Trader Online,
• eMarkets Trade,
• Fin Tech Prime.

The program for automated trading Abi does not need to be additionally installed on a computer, as most of the Forex advisors for the terminal Metatrader. All work is done in the web version in the Internet browser screen.

In addition, the developers have created a mobile version of the robot for smartphones and tablets based on the operating systems iOS and Android. The robot Binrobot-lady is so versatile and perfect that, in addition to trading currency pairs, it also offers the opportunity to earn on cryptocurrencies.

All such programs, as well as brokers, are checked by time. The more work experience, the higher the reputation of the service. Binrobot-lady has been on the market for three years now since 2015. This is an impressive period, which in itself excludes any possibility of fraud.
To make sure that the robot works for making money on the machine, you can view the statistics of the deals made by the robot for any day on the site.

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To register on the site you need to fill in your name, e-mail and mobile phone number. The information must be reliable and fully correspond to the one that the client fills in when opening a trading account with the broker itself. Otherwise, the robot will not synchronize and Auto Trading mode will not be available.

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Trading platform robot to earn money on the machine

After the registration process is fully completed, then at the Logon the trading terminal and the Personal Cabinet are opened. This is all presented in one working window, so all the necessary information will be in front of the trader.

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Here on the right side is a chart where you can view any trading asset from the list online. Going to the Signals tab, you can see the same trading recommendations online, as discussed above in the review.
In the right panel there is all information about the trading account. Here you can withdraw money, replenish your trading account, as well as change the broker.
In the Settings mode, a trader can choose one of three trading systems or "Risk management", according to which the Binrobot-lady robot will conclude deals:
• Low
• Average,
• Tall.
The official website in the Articles section has all the detailed information about these trading systems. Here is a detailed guide on how to customize the program to get the most effective results.
The Abi program is a worthy option for receiving passive income. It has flexible settings that allow you to adjust the robot to any trading strategy, choosing one of six trade indicators and one of three ready-made earning strategies. The trader’s income will depend on the settings in the future!

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