Where do you get the most realistic reviews about Binrobot-lady, Abi? About the program that Abi deception, divorce, Scam, fraud and ecumenical conspiracy against traders ?!

Recently, on the Internet, many sites that are engaged in the fact that in the light of their reviews slander and spread slander about other sites. All this can be found by any user on requests of binrobot-lady reviews, the robot Abi divorce, fraud, scam and deception.

Most sensible people who use the binrobot-lady robot for more than a year are wondering why all of a sudden such sites became financial market regulators, experts in the field of trading robots and site building in general?

The answer is simple. These grief experts expect in this way to attract users to their site. To offer them your courses, signals and other advertising. All this is done in the calculation of earnings, with the help of denigrating the reputation of other sites. For the most part, there are a lot of negative articles on these sites, on all brokers, robots, trading systems, cryptocurrency exchanges, and even online games. In general, on all topics that users are interested in on the Internet. They write articles that spoil the reputation, and then they can extort money from the affected site. For money, you can agree to remove the review or change it to positive. This is not our invention, as evidence of links to third-party sites. example1 и example2 . And this is not all examples.

Perhaps some of these sites have some useful information in the form of trading strategies, fundamental and technical analysis, but all this is lost in tons of negative reviews that are written to all sites, useful and not so much. The goal is to cover as many projects as possible from which money can be lured.

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Binrobot-lady drains customers money?

It's a delusion. First, to check the algorithm of work, any beginner can thanks to a demo account. The demo account has a stripped-down version, but allows you to see how it works. The robot opens a deal with the best entry point, trading without a robot, it is almost impossible to do this. It is practically impossible to lose all the money with the help of the Abi robot. Secondly, in the settings of the robot, the trader independently sets the amount of the transaction, the number of transactions and the degree of risk. Open several trades, see the result. What sane person would continue to open trades that go into the red? What sane trader will use an idle robot for several years? There can be a drain only in one case, if the trader opens one deal for the entire amount at once and selects the maximum risk in the settings. But how can one say in this case that the robot is a scam? The sense of saving a deposit and common sense should be included in the trader's brain by default.

Site binrobot-lady has been working for a long time. During this period, we have a lot of regular users who earn with the help of a robot Abi! Some of them have already made a fortune and share their history on the pages of other sites. пExample1, example2, example3.

Binrobot-lady broker project?

We do not represent the interests of any broker. The Abi robot program is synchronized only with reliable, trusted brokers. And, as a rule, there are several brokers. A trader can trade with several or stop at one broker. The main condition for connecting the Abi robot to a broker is more than one year of the broker's work and stable payments to our users! Our rating of forex brokers is based only on the experience of our work and the work of our traders with brokers, and not for paid places. It is very flexible and our users are aware of it. Check it yourself, register and check the list of available brokers or ask our manager about the available brokers via feedback.

We are traders and we are practitioners, we have a large team of professionals with extensive experience in this market. Certainly read the "real" reviews that Binrobot-lady divorce, deception and scam - it is unpleasant. However, we will not be led by extortionists! After giving money to extortionists - you encourage their work and contribute to the development and prosperity of such sites. This is not our method. Regular users do not pay attention to this, and new ones come to us on the recommendations of friends, friends and websites of our partners. For this reason, we are not going to the tricks of cyber extortionists.

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There are a lot of extortionists sites, paying everyone, it means getting into the pocket of their users! Invent paid subscriptions, limited access and other non-popular measures. At the beginning we chose our path, the trading algorithm should be completely free for our users. We will not turn off this way!

As a rule, people who earn money are not very willing to share their successes, and rightly so. However, some, after our requests go to a meeting, and share their screenshots of earnings, in our section Briefly trade. User earnings may vary. It depends on the size of the deposit in the account with the broker, as well as on individual settings. If you have at least minimal experience in trading or just wanting to figure it out, then you can easily start making money with the Abi robot. If you come just to play, you can easily lose money - the market does not tolerate self-indulgence! But nevertheless, in our heading REVIEWS Binrobot-lady, we are ready to answer any questions, even the most unpleasant ones.

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