People will easily endure the situation when they are replaced by robots than if they were replaced by other people. Subconsciously, they think - let the robots inject, not a person.

Such a conclusion Armin Granulo, researcher from Munich Technical University. He believes that it is better to replace people with some modern technologies (it can be either robots themselves, or a variety of software and the like). According to Granulo, such a replacement has milder consequences than the situation when another person “steals” the workplace.

A sociological study was conducted with the participation of 300 respondents. And his results showed a very interesting trend: more than 62% of people think that it is better for their colleague to be replaced not by a robot, but by a person. And at the same time, whole 37% would prefer to see a robot in its place, and not a person.

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The emotional response to personnel shifts of this kind differed accordingly: people didn’t really mind replacing them with robots themselves, but they didn’t like the idea that robots would work with them: most respondents thought that if they worked with they replaced people with robots, they would experience negative emotions. Thus, we can conclude that they are ready for a world in which injected robots and not man, but they themselves would not want to work with non-living partners.

Researchers believe that robots are less threatening employee self-esteem. At the same time, replacing them with other people makes them doubt their own competence. Those who conduct the study believe that a person at a subconscious level is not ready to compete with the robot.

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