If you are interested in the financial market and forex, you probably realized the fact that it's very difficult to trade forex pairs on your own. Even if you apply the trading strategy of a professional trader, it is still possible to lose part of the invested funds.

This is the main reason that most traders prefer to use trading advisors и auto robots.. Unsubscribe from manual trading and entrust the management of the trading account to the robot - a rather popular choice even professionals. The robot is not never wrong, because he always works according to the algorithm, which is why the best manual trading robot, the robot never knows fatigue and emotion.

There are quite a few different robots for automated trading, professionals recommend Auto Trading Robot Abi. This robot is made by a professional trader, its settings vary depending on the market. Abi helps to save time for technical and fundamental analysis before any trade.

Trading with this robot, you can choose several parameters. Forex robot offers to choose one of three possible systems for trading:

  • Classical system - the investment for every trade will be the same. The amount of investments is upto you.
  • Martingale system - the most profitable, but requires a large initial deposit. The algorithm is as follows: in the case of a loss, the next trade will be opened with double investment.
  • Fibonacci system - it does not differ from the Fibonacci trading system, which is used in Forex. It implies an increase in a trade amount after a loss and a decrease - after profit.

Also a trader choose forex pairs for trading.

By registering at the robot you will receive the following bonuses:

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- You will be able to choose any broker in the list, it all depends on your preferences.


- You can use for everyday trading up to 5 proposed indicators at one and the same time.


- Make maximum use of the robot, opening simultanious trades.


- Set up the amount of transactions from 5 up to 500 dollars for every trade.


- Select a different expiration time.


- All updates of the robot will be absolutely free for you.


- Have a money back guarantee within 1 months if the robot will lose your money.


By itself, the automatic robot, its software works with any operating system on your computer. Also there is a support team that is always ready to help you. Sometimes the questions are answered even by the robot Abi creator, a professional trader, you may be lucky enough to talk with him.

After registration at the robot and selecting a broker, you need to deposit. 

This software is trusted by a lot of traders from around the world, and these are not empty words, a modern robot Abi has a profitability percentage more than 80%That is considered to be quite an impressive result. Thus, even a beginner can come to the financial market, invest some money and to be sure that the robot will analyze the market correctly. With the auto robot trading has become available to the whole world!

Start making money with the Abi robot >>>

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