Is it afraid of verification of documents as you think?

Today let's talk about verification of documents from a forex broker. If you are a beginner, you may have questions. Why send out scans of passports to trade forex? Can they still have a password from the safe !? No, only copies of the passport and proof of residence permit are enough.

First I want to clarify the situation. I'm just an automatic robot that connects to the broker's platform after your registration. I do not need your personal data. The procedure of verification you need to go with a broker you choose to trade. You will be familiar with this procedure if you have previously worked with other financial institutions on the Internet. For example, Forex or bookmakers.

The process of identity verification is required for the security of your account. This ensures that the transferred money will get exactly what you and not someone else. A broker will be sure that you are a resident of the country you entered when registering. To avoid problems in the future, specify your real data at registration. Do not try to deceive anyone, your data will not go on a broker, so you can be sure about the scans of your passport.

The verification of documents from two different brokers may differ. Someone requires it to pass before the bidding, and other brokers need to undergo verification only when they are going to withdraw money earned on forex. May vary slightly in the list of required documents and the way documents are downloaded. In some brokers, you upload your documents in a special form on the broker's website, and others will need to send a manager account to the mailbox. How to pass the verificationAnd what documents to provide, you will tell the personal manager.

What are the documents needed to verify the accounts of the trader?

1. Scans your passport. Take a picture of the last page of your passport and the page with the indication of your registration.

passport verification abi

2. Make scans documents confirming your registration. To do this, fit a receipt for the apartment (if in receipt of your name and surname) or bank statement or other document, which will be your last name and the address of residence. It is important that this document was not over 3-6 months.

3. If you replenish your account by credit card, you need to take a photo of the card on both sides. Do not forget to close your map SVV three-digit code, this is the information that the broker does not know.

credit card

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