1.Torgovy robot Advisor

My name - Abi, and I am the automated trading system. My goal - to prove to you that for algorithmic trading is a bright future and a tremendous opportunity. Here is a short list of what I can offer:

• The developed algorithm has been operating for over 2 years and confirmed its effectiveness. A strict mathematical calculation using the indicators shows incredible results in a trending market, and in the range.

• Of the most different countries come to my creator letter of thanks. For this reason, information is available in several languages ​​at the same time, organized user support and detailed operating instructions.

• The volume of funds managed by my algorithm, measured in tens of thousands of dollars, and this is not the limit.

• I show virtually 90% of profitable trades over a large number of popular currency pairs. All activity is confirmed by statistics from the real screenshots personal account with a broker.

• Almost 100 thousand traders have entrusted me with your deposit.

robot Abi for binary options

I want to earn your trust and. Therefore, I would like to tell you more about my performance results, as well as how to start working with me. Believe me, it is simple.

1.1 Shopping Advisor download

To begin with, what to use is not required to download any installation files and resources. There is no need for a long time to understand the files and archives, move everything from one folder to another. Just open your browser to register and start to make a profit. As my trading system is completely understandable and logical, and step by step instructions on the site will give all the necessary information to work with.

Yet as a reminder to say a few words about how to work.

Step 1 - Registration takes seconds. Required to choose a broker, specify the e-mail, name, and phone. Here you can also get acquainted with the terms of cooperation and thus accept them.

Step 2 - to make a deposit. It also takes a little time, usually only need to specify the details of a credit card, or other means of payment.

Step 3 - includes me and get profit.

robot Abi for binary options

Please fill in the information carefully and accurately - it is necessary for a stable and long-term work in the future.

For advanced users also have the option to specify your preferred settings for the job. And this is one of my advantages, because with me you can work the way you want to, because the partition configuration is more than enough. Regardless of your goal - to disperse the deposit risky or conservative and steady approach, you will find what your looking for. As proof to present to you a list of options with a few recommendations.

Are available for selection:

• The currency pairs (EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, EUR / JPY, USD / CHF, AUD / USD, USD / CAD, EUR / GBP). It all depends on your tastes. It is widely believed that a good volatility only on major class pairs. This is primarily dollar pair: EURUSD, the British pound and the dollar, the dollar and the Japanese yen, the Australian dollar. I only say that to other available cross-rate system also shows excellent results, so it makes no sense to abandon them.

• Expiry Time - the option of closing term (up to 1 5 minutes). Small intervals give more false signals, so for a more stable operation, use the maximum value - 5 minutes. However, the robot shows the well-behaved and on small time frames, so you can experiment.

• The amount of the transaction - from the 5 500 to US dollars. A very important category, the recommended value - no more than 7% of the total capital employed. The following topics will also be considered examples of yield calculation that will help to better understand this issue.

• The number of simultaneous positions - from the 1 8 before. The amount depends entirely on the risk to the transaction mentioned above. In fact, this option should be considered only as one of a composite operation, and was said to consider the overall risk - no more than 7% in total.

• Money Management System. The choice depends on your goal. One of the best options in terms of stability - choose the Classic system with a fixed amount of the transaction, or Fibonacci. If you plan to go to higher risks, then the Martingale.

• Indicators. Here, if you do not have professional experience in the use of any of the indicators, it is recommended to leave it as default. One of the options of manipulation by various indicators - a news period for any currency pair, such as the US presidential election were (Donald Trump), when the market was moving in the same direction throughout the day. Trend indicators in such a situation will give a greater number of risky but profitable signals. But better still is not to change the setting.

On the last two points I'll detail below.

If you are really a beginner again I recommend you leave the default settings, except for the amount of the transaction. Initially, everything is on the optimal values. Having experience in the future can already be experimenting at will.

With me you can trade in the majority of the most decent brokers that have earned their reputation in the market for many years. List is enough to select the appropriate option.

I do not hide their signals from anyone, all my recent recommendations are on site and available for public viewing. For example, recently there was a great deal for Eurodollar, it managed to earn $ 81. There are also signals without profit, but they are extremely rare, such as on the Japanese yen and the US dollar. In the long run all my work shows an impressive result.

robot Abi for binary options

1.2 Free Trade Advisor

There are many different automated systems. But, unfortunately, most of them cost a lot of money, so not everyone can afford them.

My algorithm is used not only very easy and simple. I, unlike many other famous robots, distributed free of charge. This is incredibly important, because there is an opportunity to test my performance without risking real means. In addition, the test is available on the demo account. Thus, you can fully verify the declared results of trade with me.

And this is not my only advantage. Every reasonable person, when planning to use the device wants to read it, read the information, descriptions. Just look at how much more support is done for you in free access on the website. Without any payment you can get acquainted with all the details of my mechanism. Plus, there are recommendations for risk management, minimum deposit, reviews the recommended brokers and beyond. In other words, there is something to read.

In addition, you get an incredible versatility, which is also free. This fact is very significant for experienced traders. Occasionally, when such professional development becomes public property, not the secret moneymaking machine. In fact, you will not have any obstacles to work with me, but only prospects and opportunities.

Another important aspect - is the presence of constant reporting. You can see monthly reports on the official website, because I have the full support of my creator. Show screenshots from their broker offices. In my opinion, this step is best expresses unwavering reputation of the trade used by the algorithm.

robot Abi

The reason it is free use is obvious. My developer and so gets good income from trading. As for my algorithm, he decided to make it available to all humanity. Not everything in this world is done only for commercial gain, think about it.

1.3 Best Commercial Counsellor

Many wonder about what automated system better. I can tell you that my achievements were marked by numerous awards, and I assume that they will be enough for most experienced and novice traders. First, stability is important, and it I is more than enough. Now I'm going to prove it.

My action algorithm includes using a plurality of different indicators and development. In particular, my task - to trade with the trend, using a complex signal TREND indicator. It consists of the Bollinger Bands, plus linear regression. These technical tools have long asserted themselves and are very popular among professionals who trade in the direction of market trends. Here is a good example.

trading with robot

The main criterion for entry into a transaction is the strength and stability of the trend. The only way to ensure a high probability of a positive outcome of the operation.

To confirm the trend signals, as well as range trading, I use several oscillators: RSI, Stochastic, MACD, Williams, CCI. They are also little known and often occur on monitors of top hedge fund managers. They look as follows.

indicators for robot Abi

Working in the hallway (the flat), the inputs are processed very well on these indicators. In addition, the coincidence signals with previous trendy - the probability of profit increases.

Managing money, I can act as a conservative or aggressive, depending on your wishes. To this end, I left three systems:

• Classic - deposit growth occurs gradually and with low risk. The goal is achieved not only due to the fixed size of the transaction, but also through the use of conservative strategies for working in trend or against it.

• Martingale - for a quick but risky income. The bottom line is that when you close the deal in the negative, should be opened in the double volume to compensate for the loss. As a result, deposit growth occurs much faster.

• Fibonacci - to achieve a high precision signals using the levels of the legendary mathematician 13 century. As a technical analysis tool these levels have acquired great importance, and I use them in a strong trend to search for extremes (lower or upper points) correction. Taken together, it gives ultra-precise signals for entry into the position.

robot Abi for binary options

The amount of cash and profit, which pass through me tens of thousands of dollars, and this is not the limit. Traders around the world have found in my system what you're looking for a long time. Professional opinion immediately find in this algorithm "gold mine", and to those who doubt - as already mentioned, it is possible to check everything, even risking money.

Start making money with the Abi robot >>>

2.Avtomatichesky trading adviser

The modern rhythm of life requires a lot of effort and a lot of time for different activities. Take an average person. It does not matter what he does, whether it's a business or a permanent job. Often, for trading, he simply will not have enough time. Not even to study it, but, just to open a deal at the right time. Moreover, imagine how many years it is necessary to fully study the work of the movement of market prices, dozens of indicators, their mechanism and work features. Any professional will confirm that it is not so easy and fast. I, in my system, share with you my rich experience and unlimited possibilities in a comprehensive analysis of the behavior of market prices. In addition, my work is conducted around the clock, so you will not miss a single profitable deal and earn much more.

auto robot Abi

In terms of automation, I can offer you:

• Firstly, fully automatic transactions on the built-in algorithm.

• Second, to obtain signals in online mode, which are used for manual trading by a trader.

Definitely, more preferred and convenient option - a robot committing transactions. The reason is the following statement - not the human factor, which in most cases fatal way affect the deposit. In addition, all of the system underwent a major statistical research which has proved the highest probability of success in the transactions. As an example, the currency market is open around the clock, so you just need to give me access and go to engage in necessary cases. In the evening, you can check the profit, everything is logical and simple.

Hand trading and online signals are also a good option, but here everything depends only on experience and your preferences. If you feel that you can not cope with your emotions, get tired of trading, then it's better to use automatic trading. The most effective use of signals is possible with the desire to improve their own trading system, or to find out its shortcomings. This method is suitable only for those who are willing to devote to trading a working day, constantly watching the signals and schedules. As already mentioned, not everyone can afford this.

In addition, I note once again the prospects is automatic operation. Just think, worldwide software begins to displace many professions, such as an accountant, for example. Automates the entire production. Trading - is no exception, sooner or later, and he goes into this mode. Therefore, to use my algorithms - this is your first step towards a sustainable future in the profession, plus a number of very significant advantages in the form of clock trading and lack of human (emotional) factors.

2.1 Profitable trading adviser

The robot should not only be comfortable. The main purpose and goal - a measure of profit. It is for him to judge the achievements. Other criteria are secondary, and that's a fact.

The number of percent per year depends on the chosen money management system. There is a very aggressive approach to trade at high risk do allow those tens of thousands, but many prefer a steady income. Below, I will remind you some recommendations on such phenomena as money management (risk management).

To begin with, the performance of my trade tens of thousands of professional traders tested repeatedly. For over 2 years I make about 87% profitable trades, and this is more than enough for stable earnings.

binary options earnings with Abi

Calculating the possible income and risk when working with me is very easy. Suppose you are ready to invest 100 $. The amount is small, I think many will find, and taken more as an example. The settings specify the transaction size - 10 US dollars. A classical money management system was chosen. In each operation, the risk is 5 $ or 5% of the deposit. The possible remuneration for the transaction is 75% of the investment or 3,75 $, which equals 3,75% of the deposit. With 87% chances in the worst case, you will get a profit in 8 from 10 transactions, and at the best in 9 from 10. As a result, for 10 transactions, 30 US dollars is posted, and 10 $ loss. Net income is 20 $ or 20% of the deposit.

Depending on the time of transaction expiration, there can be many such deals, and these 20 percent will be added to the account daily. You will not earn so much money on any bank deposit, so there is something to think about. Trading - though risky, but very profitable business.
What to choose risk per trade - it is your personal preference. However, I do not recommend risking more than 7% of the capital in a single operation. Leave a "safety cushion" for at least 10 transactions. Of course, 10 losses on my system - it is unlikely, however, it is better once again to secure insurance. After all, you and I aim to stable cooperation.

Thus, properly managing the risk, you can have a solid income even with small amounts on deposit. All of this together gives a great chance for investment.

2.2 Trading Advisor reviews

In my opinion, the opinion of traders about my work is incredibly important, because it was for them that this code was created. I in no way hide what users say about me. And it's not just that, the site has reviews from various people from all over the world, and not just from Russia. You will find gratitude from Germany, the United States of America, Belarus, Poland, Bulgaria and many other countries. Believe me, this is only the beginning. My creator believes that I should be a world heritage, not just a certain country. For this reason, multilanguage support works wherever you are.

I am glad that almost everyone is happy with my work. For example, Peter from the United States. Before meeting me he could not achieve results in forex trading because of emotions. Now his trading is fully automatic, and most importantly - profitable. Or, Alexander from Ukraine, who called me "the best program for auto trading."

The opinion of others is always taken into account by the developer when optimizing my work. Therefore, I will always be glad to your feedback, which will help me to strive for excellence.

Start making money with the Abi robot >>>

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