The automatic trading system is an integral part of a successful business in forex trading. To find the best of such systems is not an easy task, because you can evaluate according to various criteria. One robot can better work on aggressive strategies, the other is conservative. In addition, each manufacturer has different commercial goals and the cost of the final product. Today I will present to you my results, which should be paid special attention, because I'm an order of magnitude ahead of other robots in all categories.

1.The trading system for forex trading

First, introduce myself. I, the automatic trading system - Abi. I would like to tell you more about the possibilities of forex trading on the machine.

Abi Trading System

But, first of all, I will tell you why you should cooperate with me:

• My strategy has been operating for several years, and consistently makes a profit in any market, no matter what changes occurred. This fact is very important, since it is no secret that many traders were unable to adapt to the new market in the early 2000-x. Then the market was trending now 75% percent of the time the trade is conducted in a range of prices. The algorithm used me works as a trend in the market and the corridor.

• For his work, I have already received a full five world-class awards in the field of algorithmic trading. In addition, it formed international support users, no matter where you are, you and I can work together.

• Profitability of my forecasts succeeds in virtually 90% cases. You will receive not only a positive expectation, but excellent results Profit Factor (profit factor). No large drawdowns and losing the series, only a rigorous mathematical approach in the algorithm.

• More than 90 thousands of traders trade using my algorithm, so that the volume of funds under management is growing at an incredible pace, measuring tens of thousands of dollars.

I hope that this is of interest to you. And now, I will present more detailed information about my system features and work with me.

1.1 trading system download

Frequently, the installation of the robot - a laborious process, but I'm from you do not need them. Downloading installation files are missing. Just open the official site in a convenient browser for you and set up my work.

The first thing to do - is to register. The procedure takes less than two minutes. Choose the right broker, enter the last name, first name, email address and telephone number. I recommend to enter data carefully for a comfortable future cooperation. On the same page there are conditions for the work with them, too, if you choose to read.

Separately say a few words about the brokers list. It includes only the worthy and the best brokers, so you will choose from. Maybe someone of them you are already trading. This is done with the aim to protect the robot users from unscrupulous companies.

Next, you need to make a deposit for trading. Produced elementary, according to the standard scheme used for an online payment. We accept credit cards and different payment systems, depending on your broker.

The final stage - I run to work. Then, we can only consider profit.

register robot Abi

In addition, for advanced users I have some advanced settings. Advance warning, if you are a beginner, it is better not to change, they are set to optimal values. The list of settings:

• The amount of the transaction (5-500 $). By setting this option be sure to observe the principles of money management (risk management). It is advisable not to risk per trade amount is more than 5-7% of the capital, even if you have very aggressive goals. For example, if you deposited $ 100 for options trading, the transaction amount will be minimal in the amount of $ 5.

• Expiry time. The indicator is responsible for the time at which the option is opened. The smaller the interval for trading, the more false signals, so professionals try to use them less often. The conclusion is obvious, for a higher percentage of profitable trades it is worth using a longer expiration time.

• The number of simultaneous transactions (1-8). This value is closely related to the first argument, therefore, risk management plays a key role again. For example, if you deposit $ 200, then the amount of the transaction to $ 5, the number of simultaneous - 2. In this case, the risk is less than 5% of the capital.

• Indicators (Trend, RSI, CCI, MACD, Williams, Stoch). It is recommended to leave the default value. However, there are situations where an experienced trader can change the setting. For example, on the eve of important news when the market moves advantage of the trend. One of the latest such event was Breksa (output) the UK from the European Union. You could earn much more, using only a trend indicator. However, the combination with the oscillators gives a more stable result.

• A trading system (Martingale, Fibonacci or Classical). It is advisable to leave this option as it is. Martingale for riskier capital management, Fibonacci has a higher percentage of winning trades. Classical system - a more traditional approach. Detailed description will next section indicators and systems.

• Trading instrument (EURUSD, EURGBP, EURJPY, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, USDCAD). Standard is the best choice. Only dollar pair or vice versa, depending on your preferences, you can leave in the experimental design.

1.2 Profitable Trading Systems

The most important criterion for the evaluation of my work - it's profitable. In its meaning, I also succeeded more than any other robot. My figure - 87% profitable trades. Cooperating with me, in 8-9 cases out of ten the transaction will be positive.

With the statistics will not argue, therefore, on the site are regularly published screenshots of traders from their broker offices. For example, Alice out of the UK for a couple of hours in November 14 164 earned $, using the transaction amount - $ 50. With reasonable risk with a deposit of US $ 500, 32% plus turns. Earlier in October, Azamat of Kazakhstan made a profit of over $ 400, 12 closing trades in a row a plus. These cases - is no exception, all of this is happening consistently.

This profit is achieved through an integrated approach to market analysis, large amounts of information from several technical tools. To achieve the goal, I use two groups of indicators:

The trend group - Trend, which is based on Bollinger Bands and Linear Regression. Bollinger bands show the volatility of the market is good, and the width of the trading range, thereby allowing very high quality signals on the trend. To determine the main direction are already being used trendlines regression channel, which essentially reflects what he sees most technical analysts and professional traders.

Group oscillators: RSI, MACD, CCI, Stochastic, Williams R%. These indicators are used for filtering signals in a trend to go at the right time at the end of correction. In addition, when the market begins to trade in a corridor (the flat), the oscillators become a major powerful tool in the hands of the trader.

indicators robot Abi

In order to implement a variety of purposes, I have provided the highest quality trading systems:

• Classic - is a conservative variant of a fixed amount of the transaction. Good choice for a small deposit, because the use of risky system will lead to too much load account. If your account - $ 200, 5 and $ is the maximum amount for the operation of options trading, the winning of deals from 9 10 of option premium - 75%, you will make a profit $ 28,75, or almost 14%.

• Martingale - risky option, as in the case of the loss amount is doubled to compensate for losses. Consider, by analogy with the first example, your deposit - 200 $. The deal amounted to $ 5. The first operation was losing money, you 195 $. Next opens on 10 $, you get a profit of $ 17,5. As a result, the account $ 202,5, the loss is compensated. Then go back transaction for $ 5. The total profit - 32,5 $.

• Fibonacci - used for more accurate signal to trade. When trading in the trend are based on the numbers of levels developed by the legendary mathematician to determine the end of the corrective movement. The percentage of profitable trades would be even higher, will often vstrechatsya 10 series of consecutive profit trades. Therefore, the likely profit from the previous example c deposit of $ 200 35 $ will be released, or 17,5%.

With my latest signals can also be found. They are always displayed on the ribbon of the home page. For example, it was recently 64 plus the US dollar the AUDUSD, GBPUSD 38 dollars, etc. Negative signals recorded there too, but for almost 90% of profitable positions, they rarely meet.

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1.3 Trading system for forex buy

My use of absolutely free, and it is also one of my competitive advantage. Think about it, why buy a "pig in a poke", where you can without risking your own money, to test the system.

As a result, you will not encounter fraud or excessive expectations. I'm ready to show their capabilities even on a demo account so you can confidently make money on deposit. The chance to take advantage of the system, which has received international recognition, is not to be missed.
Previous arguments longer intended for the beginner. If you are a professional, you will immediately notice that the system is very high quality. According to the algorithm used and the indicators shows that the robot will be an excellent trading in trending markets with strong movements, and in the price range. This approach is definitely trustworthy.

free trading system Abi

In addition to a quality system, you will receive a full multi-language support, and step by step instructions. It's enough to look at the site of my producer. There are many articles about my gear and settings. Among them you will find a full description of the indicators, capital management systems. After reading this information, you will have a complete understanding of how to work and achieve incredible results.

Note also on reviews of my work. Almost all users are happy, and this is the main my goal. I hope that you and I can bring a handsome profit.

The reason why the robot is free, is higher income trader-developer. He did not need to take money from someone else, the market and so giving enough.

The resulting free benefits:

• Guaranteed results.
• Protection against fraud.
• The ability to test on a demo account without using their own funds.
• Professional Trading System.
• Full support of the developer.

1.4 Automatic Trading System

Twenty-first century - a time of automation. Almost everywhere today, you will find the device with the program code. The stores set of self-service systems at the checkout prices are determined by the program for the barcode. Algoritmiziruetsya production of goods. You have rarely find manual work, everything usually works mechanically. What can we say, even get married or get a passport has become possible thanks to automation.

As for me, my algorithm can be used in two ways:

• Automatically.
• In manual mode for online signals.

Using the signal line is suitable only if you want to test their own experience in the market.

The best option - it is automatic operation. The reason for this is obvious. Firstly, a comprehensive analysis on more than a dozen instruments and several indicators, is a daunting task for the average person. The robot can also analyze any amount of information.

Second, the human factor in the form of emotions leads to an incorrect perception of the data signals and rigging, as a result - a very large losses in a row. Automatic system helps to avoid such cases.

This position is also due to the fact that the majority of people who have recently come into trading, can not afford to spend a lot of time sitting at the computer screen. In addition, you need a great experience to learn how to trade profitably and independently. Sometimes it takes years to reach the level of professional market participants. Robot - is the best choice at the beginning, and not only because having free time everyone wants, this is the modern world, this is the trading.

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