Good afternoon, dear traders! You are on the official site of the robot forex Abi. Every day in support of the robot dozens of letters from traders from different countries come. Many of the letters contain the same questions. That's why this article appeared. It contains answers to all the important questions related to trading in the forex market with the help of the robot Abi. Additionally, you can visit the page FAQ.

Here's how:

1) What is the robot Abi?

Robot Abi is designed for trading in forex pairs in automatic mode or online signals. The robot algorithm is designed to help traders in analyzing the market and opening deals with the best entry points.

Abi robot

2) How to register your robot account and choose a broker?

Registration form can be found in the upper right corner of the home page

vopros otvet registration main page

Or on a separate page "Registration"

vopros otvet registration registration page

We want to draw attention to several points:

- Make the correct and accurate information about yourself Name, Surname, E-mail, password, and telephone. There are times when a trader intentionally or by mistake not correctly points out, for example, e-mail. Attention is then to support the robot through the office, and the responses to it do not reach. All due to the fact that such e-mail does not exist. In order to avoid such misunderstandings, check the correctness of your data!

- The registration office of the robot in the upper box you are offered a list of brokers, to synchronize with the robot. List broker differs by country. It does not depend on the robot, and from the restriction by the brokers. Therefore, if you see a choice of only one or two brokers - the way it is. All that may be available to you, you see at once!

vopros otvet choose of brokers

- Often written: I already have an account with the "A" broker, how do I connect it to Abi robot? Previous registration can not be synchronized. Synchronization occurs at the moment of creation of the robot cabinet.

- More frequent question about brokers, I want to synchronize a robot with a broker "B" or "C", me your listing broker does not fit, how do I do it? The answer is - NO! If you create a robot cabinet, you do not see the name of the desired broker, it means to synchronize the robot can not be with him.

3) Traders from which countries can trade with a robot Abi?

Abi Robot is available for almost all countries of the world. At the moment, traders are not taken out of Israel and Ukraine.

4) Do you have a robot demo mode and how does it work?

No, there is no demo mode.

5) What is the minimum deposit and minimum transaction?

Traders are Abi robot for free. But to start trading you need to deposit at the broker synchronized. Therefore, a minimum deposit and the value of the transaction depends on the synchronized broker and not by a robot. After all, the broker robot will open the transaction in automatic or manual mode for the signals. The average deposit of $ 250 and higher.

6) How to fill up a deposit?

First, you register a robot account. Inside you will see a button DEPOSIT. Presses and you will be redirected to the broker platform synchronized. They choose suitable way for you to recharge and make money on your account.

1 vopros otvet try deposit 7

7) How to display a profit?

Likewise of deposit replenishment method described in paragraph №6. Inside the robot cabinet, you will see the button withdraw profit. Presses and you will be redirected to the broker platform synchronized. There leave the application for withdrawal of funds.

8) How to set up the robot Abi for profitable trades?

As noted above, Abi robot has individual settings:

- Classical trading systems, Martingale, Fibonacci;

- Indicators Trend, RSI, Williams, MACD, Stoch, CCI;

- The amount of the transaction;

- The number of simultaneous transactions;

- Selection of currency pairs;

- Expiration time;

- the degree of risk;

- Stop Loss and Take Profit.

1 vopros otvet abi registration settings inside

Go article and read recommendations for each of the settings. Additionally, you can subscribe to a letter of recommendation. This can be done through a special subscription form.

vopros otvet newsletter

9) Robot trades the weekend. Why?

There is such a thing as OTC mode, which allows trading on weekends. It was added to the capabilities of the robot at the request of traders. To trade on a day off or not is an individual choice and the right of each trader. But not all possible brokers offer this opportunity !!!

10) How do I get verified?

The verification takes place in a synchronized broker. In the office of the broker's platform upload the required documents.

11) to replenish the deposit at the broker synchronized, turn on automated trading, and the robot does not trade. Why?

In fact there may be several reasons:

- You have not been verified in synchronized broker;

- You have downloaded the documents for verification, but something does not fit. Verification is not completely confirmed;

- You just have been verified, the information is not held by a broker based. We just need to wait a little longer. Remember, there is a limitation not on the robot, and the broker. He has to give you permission to start trading;

- one more thing is setting the broker's minimum deal. Make sure that in the SETTINGS> Minimum Trade Amount tab you have the required amount corresponding to the broker's minimum trade.

12) Can I trade with a robot from several brokers?

Yes, inside the robot cabinet open BROKER tab. There you will see the current synchronization with the broker and can connect to other platforms. But remember that not all countries have access to all brokers.

1 vopros otvet brokers for sinchronization

13) Where can I see the results of trading robot Abi?

Every day on the official website of the robot, are published in the Statistics tab screens, reports traders earning with Abi. The category is a special form through which you can share your results.

vopros otvet abi statistics

At the end of the day, the system automatically randomly selects one of traders and publishes them. It is not possible to publish all of them, as every day, we get hundreds of reports.

So far, that's it. Article will continue to be supplemented by the answers to the pressing questions.

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