With you is the robot for trading forex Abi. It would seem that the simple registration procedure causes problems for some users, they cannot register. There can be several reasons and errors for this. If you are unable to register, I warn you about the problem at the bottom of the registration window.

Consider all the mistakes and start with the most popular:

Your country is not supported! How to get around this?

attention strana

Some forex brokers do not accept traders from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and other post-Soviet countries. This ban can easily be circumvented by changing your IP to the UK or Germany. To do this, you do not need to have any special knowledge in programming. All this is done very easily and completely for FREE, it takes you literally 2 minutes. You must install a special extension for your browser. How to do it, follow the link and install the extension, look at the screenshots, using the example of popular browsers. Change of IP will open for you the option of choosing from 5 popular European brokers, with better conditions for trading!

For Chrome >>>

For FireFox >>>

ddvgbh 1

ddvgbh 2

ddvgbh 3


For Opera

First of all you will learn about the VPN-extension for Opera browser. In fact, Opera already has its own built-in free VPN.

1) First you should download and install the latest version of this browser (you do not need to do this if you already have this browser).

2) Then go to "Menu" - "Settings". There will be a tab "Security", click on it. And then tick next to it. "Enable VPN".

Now turn on the VPN and you can access previously blocked sites without problems.


- Email already exists or is invalid!

attention email

If you already have an account with a broker who synchronizes with the robot, this Email, then the new registration is recognized as a double, and you can not register. 2 account from a broker to the same trader, with the same data - can not be created. In this case, you need to register for another mail, another phone number. Ideally, another person (with his consent). It can be one of your relatives. 

After completing the necessary steps, you can register

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