Recently, many European traders are increasingly paying attention to the new broker Forex and CFD under the name Ashford Investments. Forums are increasingly filled with positive comments from actually earning traders. The broker trades more than 100 popular all over the world trading assets, including crypto currency. At 100% is confident that the whole industry will only benefit from the emergence of a new player in the market. The head office is located and registered in Bulgaria - quite a trend for business in Eastern Europe, which is fashionable for the last time, is also working in this area.

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Terms of work of the broker Ashford Investments

Here I had to work hard and study all sections of the official site, as I did not find the finished description on the web. Here's what happened to find out:

- the minimum deposit for working with the broker is 250 $;

- there is a limit on the amount of bet on the trading platform - a minimum of 25 $;

- to train within the framework of this particular broker will not work - optionally there is no option to open a demo account. It's not a problem - you can practice in another place;

- There is absolutely no designer. Practice shows that since it will not be possible to control the degree of possible risk and the expiry date of the option, the average profit is quite on the level and fluctuates around the mark in 87%;

- In the list of binary options there are long-term and short-term pairs, classical pairs, "ladder" and "touch" - quite a standard set for any normal broker. Pleases that there are really long-term expirations - why not try for a period of six months, for example, if you have confidence in yourself? As well as everywhere the ladder with a touch - the most risky options with the highest profit and profitability;

- it is quite possible to work simultaneously on Forex, the terminal uses the same one;

- Transactions can be copied - it is convenient when working in the same direction;

- As is already clear from the previous paragraphs - trade passes through the online terminal.

Of all the above, I personally have very interesting and important two points - with successfully passed transactions are really high payments and adequate for the majority of market players the amount of the initial deposit. Below 250 $ capital work with Ashford is simply impossible, which is quite normal for most sites competitors.

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Account types , which is normal, depend solely on the size of the deposit on the account:

1. Bronze account type - from 250 $ on the account, payments up to 82%, withdrawal period of funds from the account - 7 calendar days.

2. Silver account - from 1000 $ deposit, payments - 82%, there are 5 platform-protected transactions for 100 $ each, there is a nice bonus in the amount of 50 $ for the first replenishment of the account. Also there is a fixed analyst with the opportunity to meet with him 2 times.

3. Gold account - a deposit account from 10000 $, the payment is also 82%, the 5 account is cashed in place of 7. Transactions of a protected format are also 5, but already for 1000 $. Bonus - up to 75%. And meetings with the personal analyst also became more - the whole 5.

4. Platinum - 25000 $ on the account, payment to 87%, bonus deposit is twice as pleasant - already 100 $. The amount of protected transactions grows to 12500 $, and meetings with a favorite analyst are now available once a week. Cash is deposited from the account for 48 hours.

5. Diamond status profile provides for a deposit from 50000 $, bonuses are 100%, transactions are protected for a sum of 25000 $. You can draw up your own platform, although it only affects the self-esteem.

How to register on the platform?

Registration is quite ordinary, without pitfalls. There are problems with the registration of IP part of the CIS countries, but the dynamic ip makes it easy to solve these problems. The only inconvenient moment is the possibility of replenishing the account with only a card or in a bank. You can withdraw money by several options of electronic wallets.

In general, I want to say that the broker is good. Favorable options offers a lot, really beneficial:

- the chosen trading period easily changes;

- choose the type of the chart yourself - I like Japanese candles, but all people are different, this can not be taken away.

- there are no trade signals among the providers, in any case, I did not notice.

Undoubted plus is also the fact that all contact information regarding the legal address and coordinates of the broker is freely available on the network.

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