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Official site

Year of foundation



Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Minimum deposit

50 USD

Maximum income

Is not limited

Compensation at a loss




Interface language

English, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Polish, Vietnamese

Demo Account


trading signals


Mobile trading


Deposits and withdrawals

Crypto wallets, bank card (Visa/MC)

Analysis of the StormGain website

StormGain reviews can be read on many online portals where cryptocurrency traders and investors communicate. This exchange is a fairly young project, but has already managed to attract the attention of a large number of users. At first glance, there is everything you need for profitable work with virtual assets: a convenient wallet, prompt withdrawal of funds, online control of trading operations using a simple and understandable mobile application.

Also on the Internet, if you wish, you can find a special coupon offered by exchange referrals. If you register through my registration form, then a small cash reward will immediately be credited to your account, which can later be used to work with the crypt. Something similar is often offered by StormGain analogues, as the competition in this area is now very tough. To understand whether this project deserves attention, I conducted a detailed analysis of its official website.


Everything looks pretty decent. I did not notice intrusive advertising that interferes with the study of the portal, as well as flashy colors and some suspiciously tempting offers. That is, there are no standard tricks of cunning scammers, and this is already a good sign.

The site has a lot of useful information, which is especially desirable for beginners in the world of cryptocurrency trading:

  • news and information blog for project participants;
  • detailed description of the offered products;
  • visual video tutorials from cryptocurrency trading professionals;
  • daily reviews;
  • interesting investment ideas;
  • current trading signals;
  • basic beginner rules for a quick and successful start;
  • detailed instructions on buying and withdrawing cryptocurrency.

Registration and verification do not take much time. And this is a significant advantage compared to most other exchanges. In addition, the site has been translated into a large number of languages, including Russian. Therefore, you do not have to get acquainted with the exchange interface for a long time. The developers took care of all their customers.

The site is simple and clear, it is easy to navigate. The structure is not very multi-stage, so you can easily find all the important information for yourself. Here you can also download and install a full-size terminal or a mobile application on your computer.

How to make money with StormGain

There are several options for making a profit here. Each newly registered user himself chooses what it would be most convenient for him to focus on:

  • Investments. A great option for those who do not want to constantly sit at a laptop and follow every movement of an asset in the moment. You study coin reviews, read news, do analysis and invest in the cryptocurrency that seems to be actively growing. If the forecast is correct, after a while you can get a good profit, as was the case with large Bitcoin investors. It should be remembered that investments are designed for slow profits. In some cases, you will need to be patient in order not to close the position before reaching the expected bar.
  • Trading. The principle is as simple as possible. Buy at the low, sell at the high. And if you do all this in short periods of time, then you use the scalping strategy. The resulting difference in cost will be your profit. There is also a multiplier on the exchange that can decently increase your income. But it is best to use it only when the investor is unambiguously confident in the positive outcome of the transaction.
  • Deposit. If you are still afraid of possible trading risks, you can simply keep a certain amount on your account balance and receive interest from the exchange for this. On average, project management offers up to 12% on the balance. Not a bad option if you consider the offers of other cryptocurrency platforms. The StormGain exchange reviews in this regard are mostly positive, since all obligations on the part of its management are strictly fulfilled.
  • Mining. Here you do not act alone. Coin mining is carried out according to the cloud principle. After about 30-40 minutes, the profit received is evenly distributed among all the miners. Separately, they note that operations take place on StormGain equipment, so you can not spend money on expensive equipment. When you accumulate at least 10 USDT through mining, they can be credited to your trading account and used for trading. But cashing out or exchanging such profits will not work. Although this is not the most significant, but still a disadvantage of this item of earnings.
  • Referral program. For most users, it is only an additional way to make a profit using the exchange. And yet, with the active distribution of your registration link and coupon, you can get a good income. When the attracted new client of the exchange fulfills the conditions of the program (makes transactions), a reward will be credited to your account.

If you are also interested in the answer to the question of how to withdraw money from StormGain, then this is not a problem. Transfer coins to your crypto wallets, and then transfer and cash them out in any convenient way. Judging by the reviews, the withdrawal deadlines are not violated here.

Cryptocurrency trading on the StormGain exchange

On this platform, you can work with a wide variety of virtual coins. Not only the classic Bitcoin is available to users, but also a host of lesser-known assets, which at the same time have good potential for growth.

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There will be no difficulties in calculating the commission either. On this exchange, you pay 10% only from a positive result. Also, the commission is subject to the crediting and withdrawal of funds, depending on the selected coin. All this is described in detail on the site itself. In fact, users do not notice discrepancies.

If you are just starting to comprehend the world of cryptocurrencies, on the StormGain exchange you can try trading first on a demo account, and then using signals. But remember that they do not give a 100% guarantee of profit. Therefore, no one cancels a thorough technical analysis of the chart. Signals simply help confirm or refute your predictions. But you should focus on dry numbers.

In general, the platform is convenient, there are many useful charts, as well as stop loss and take profit levels, without which it is difficult to imagine high-quality cryptocurrency trading. Based on all the above research, I can say that the StormGain project is completely official and deserves close attention from both beginners and experienced crypto traders and investors.

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