Information about the broker InvestXE



Year of foundation




Minimum deposit

500 USD

Maximum income

Is not limited

Compensation at a loss



U.S. dollar

Interface language

English, German, Spanish, Italian.

Demo Account


trading signals


Mobile trading


Deposits and withdrawals

Online transfer systems, Bank transfer, Bank card (Visa/MC)

InvestXE official website

Reviews about the broker InvestXE - this is the first thing I noticed when I began to study this company in more detail. The fact is that on the Internet this company is found quite often, although it was created only a couple of years ago. At the same time, most users who decide to open an account here and test the capabilities of this broker note the convenient withdrawal of funds to an online wallet or bank account, which far from all the more famous analogues can offer. To make a more specific conclusion regarding the InvestXE project, I analyzed its official website.

So, the first thing you immediately pay attention to is the absence of the Russian language in the interface. Not very convenient for residents of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. But if there is a translator built into the browser, this problem is eliminated by itself.

My overall impression of the site is quite pleasant. This is clearly not a one-pager, hastily created by a self-taught IT specialist. There is a fairly clear and logical structure and a lot of useful information for novice traders:

  • individual training courses;
  • a detailed description of the most frequently used terms in this professional environment;
  • more detailed training courses that talk about trading in the market from scratch (ideal for beginners);
  • online training for those who are not the first day in trading, but who want to improve the effectiveness of their strategy.

All this suggests that a one-day company, trying by hook or by crook to minimize its costs, definitely would not pay so much attention to the design of its site. So everything looks quite decent and official.

I liked the design of the site as a whole. The color scheme is calm, there is no aggressive palette, which is often used to increase the hype and build up the atmosphere. There is no intrusive advertising from the aggressive marketing division (constantly pop-up and annoying banners, a countdown to the end of any promotion, an ad announcing a limited number of free registrations, etc.). It is quite easy to navigate here, as there is a lot of interesting information, and nothing prevents you from familiarizing yourself with it in detail.

There are also a couple of cons, which I will report without fail. The site does not provide detailed information about:

  • account verification;
  • specific legal address of the head office of the company;
  • date of registration of the legal entity.

In general, it was not without a fly in the ointment, which is not surprising. Still, the company is quite young. And more experienced brokers also sin with similar disadvantages.

InvestXE Platform

The company offers its clients to use their individually developed trading terminal MarketPro 1.0. Apparently, the program was created relatively recently, since the name shows that this is only the first version of the platform. Therefore, I would not be surprised if some minor nuances are found in the process of work. However, it looks no worse than the popular MetaTrader.

investx platform

And in general, reviews on it on the Internet come across mostly neutral or positive. So I won’t be surprised if the creators of the project also invested a lot of money here (the site, at least, looks obviously expensive).

The platform has both a full-fledged web version and a format adapted for mobile applications. This will appeal to those modern traders who are already accustomed to being constantly on the move and not wasting their time working from a laptop. Judging by the reviews, their functionality is in no way inferior to a full-format terminal.

Registration in InvestXE

It is not very different from the options offered by other brokers. Everything is quite simple. You just need to enter the user's first and last name, email address, and mobile phone number. As you can see, the form is elementary and very short. Once completed, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

After that, you will have to additionally go through the verification of your account. This is a longer and more complex process. However, this is a mandatory condition for working with the market, which is set by absolutely any broker. Pay attention to the correctness of the entered data. If you provide incorrect information, your account may be blocked by the system for security reasons. And it will be extremely problematic to return access to it. 

Types of trading accounts with InvestXE

The broker offers its clients regular and professional account types. The first are divided into three types:

  • standard;
  • progressive;
  • advanced.

They differ in the amount of the initial deposit. The larger it is, the wider the possibilities and privileges of the client. This approach is seen in most modern brokers.

investxe types account

The screenshot below shows two types of professional accounts - gold and platinum. They are more suitable for professional market participants. But for beginners, the standard option is more suitable.

investment types accounts

Trading with InvestXE broker

The financial instruments here are chosen quite competently. Since the reviews of InvestXE are mostly positive, we can conclude that there are enough assets for traders with a variety of approaches to trading in the market.


In addition to the standard options, there is also a cryptocurrency here. This suggests that the broker follows current trends and offers its clients a lot of options for exchange earnings. After all, virtual assets are becoming more and more popular due to their high volatility.

Depositing and withdrawing profits of the broker InvestXE

If you are worried about how to withdraw money from InvestXE, then this issue has been worked out quite clearly here. Each client of this broker, regardless of the status of his account, can receive earnings on his bank account or online wallet. Judging by the reviews, the withdrawal deadlines are strictly regulated and strictly observed.

Reviews about the broker InvestXE

I can’t name a single brokerage company that can boast of exceptionally positive comments on the Internet. There will definitely be a custom-made negative from competitors. Novice traders who do not want to take responsibility for a deposit merged due to their own inattention or due to inappropriate hype are not far behind. They will definitely blame their broker for all the sins. However, I do not consider such negative opinions relevant and 100% reliable. In general, the reputation of this young broker is neutral-positive.


I recommend not to deduct InvestXE from your account if you choose a broker for profitable trading in the market. The company is clearly actively developing and trying to attract customers with good conditions. Analysis of the official site of the project showed the seriousness of the intentions of this broker. So it is quite possible to open a trading account with him without fear.

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