One of the settings of the robot forex Abi, which traders can produce at will, is the choice expiration time of transactions. The user needs to set the time at which it will open the transaction. Depending on what a trader chooses a broker, setting the proposed expiration time may be different. Some brokers offer only short-term trading options (from the 60 5 seconds to minutes), and some brokers will be available in Classic mode the time (in 10, 15 minutes or more). As you can imagine, the signal program Abi forex tradingIt is loyal to its users and can work for you, opening transactions in the classical and in the short time.

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Thus a trader, opening setting, be able to choose the right time of expiration and program automated trading Abi forex tradingWill strictly follow the settings of your personal cabinet. As for short-term (turbo) mode, it is best to choose a time in 2, 3 and 5 minutes. The most optimal and is less risky Expiry time in minutes 5 options, due to these qualities, it is the most recommended in automatic forex trading. Trade in the classic mode starts from 10 minutes and higher. The trading algorithm of the robot is configured in such a way that in the classical mode, the recommended time of expiration in 10 minutes is the most optimal.

Long-term statistics of the robot shows that the robot opens the right deals at least 85%, this is a pretty impressive result, but you can personally increase this value for yourself by choosing the optimal settings in your personal cabinet. If you are new to the financial market, then at the beginning of the trade, you will certainly be satisfied with the settings that are set by default. However, in time to earn more, you will want to make the settings more subtle. For this, I'm a robot of binary options Abi, I recommend that you necessarily read the text below about the favorable time for forex trading.

A professional trader knows that behave differently at different times, currency pairs. There are a logical explanation, several of certain factors, of which I shall tell you. And you, knowing features, will be able to play on it to earn even more.

Trading during the trading week

For an experienced trader is not a secret that on a different day of the week, assets behave differently. On Monday and Friday, assets are no longer predictable, sharp reversals, breakdowns of highs and lows, and changes in the global trend are possible. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are more favorable for trading on indicators and trend. Just do not think that this is my conclusion somehow connected with the stars and I'm writing you a horoscope for a week. The stars here are absolutely nothing, I'm a trading robot, an algorithm, so for me there are no stars, for me there is math, facts and a logical explanation. Monday is the opening of trading on world financial exchanges, Friday is the closure of world financial exchanges. On Monday, traders want to go to the market, invest in some asset to sell it on Friday and make money. Therefore, on Monday and Friday, the market is most volatile.

A professional trader forex volatility will never scare, volatility is what traders earn. On Monday and Friday, if you observe a large volatility of the market, I recommend using Martingale or Fibonacci trading system in my settings, this will reduce losses from unsuccessful transactions by increasing the amount of the deal. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you can get by using the classic or Fibonacci system.

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Trading Sessions

If you did not know, then I will tell you a secret. In total there are three trading sessions: Asian, European, American. All of them start and finish their work at different times. At the time of the Asian session, you will see that the Australian dollar AUD, the New Zealand dollar NZD, and the Japanese yen JPY, are most volatile. During the working hours of the European session, the European EUR, the British Pound GBP are volatile. In the working hours of the American session, of course, American and Canadian dollars, USD and CAD, respectively. My trading algorithm is set up in such a way that I trade best with the high volatility of one of the currency pairs. For example, at the moment of the American session it makes sense to leave only the following pairs: EUR / USD, USD / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / CHF, USD / CAD. The pair USD / JPY will work best. The American session is working, and the Asian session is not working, this will prevent you from getting on adjustments and "noise", which will avoid losing the money invested in the transaction.

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You can definitely say that learning to follow these simple rules, learn to identify time is favorable for forex trading, you can increase your earnings. I believe that increasing your profits is a good motivation to understand how the financial markets work.

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