With you, a robot forex Abi. In the continuation of a series of articles about my settings, for more successful trading on binary options, today we will talk about money management, or, if easier, money management. Successful trading and earning money forex is not only a profitable deal. Successful trading is a whole systemWhere the debugged work every links of one chain. My standard settings are optimally suited for beginners, at the beginning of trade, and help to make, but as soon as you want to earn even more, you will need to learn all the nuances of stock trading.

money management binary options

What is a money management? This is the correct distribution of funds on its trade balance. Manipulation of forex implies the strict adherence to its trading strategy and absolute minimization of risks. Money management in forex trading is one of the most important factors. But this is one of the factors that is given very little time. Often it turns out that a beginner coming to the financial market thinks that the trading strategy is the most important thing. Thus, he is deeply mistaken, because without Managing on ForexIt lost integrity of the system.

Of course, the recommended amount of investment will depend on the size of your deposit. The main recommendation is to effectively manage their trading account reads: "Do not open a deal worth more than 2-7% of the amount of your trading account." Thus, if you opened a trading account with a broker to deposit a minimum of 250 dollars, the maximum amount of the purchase option is 17,5 dollars. Thus, in my setup, with a minimum deposit of US $ 250, I do not recommend that you put the amount above that figure.

investments in binary options

I fully automatic robotThat helps the trader to make money on the machine. And if you have just started working with me, then be sure to please create statistical journal of your trades. Please flag itself, in any setting and at what time, I bring you the most profit. So you can work out for themselves the most best settings.

All these simple tips may help you to earn more, and to snatch from the enormous financial market a big chunk. Manage risk themselves, and do not let the risk manage you!

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