In this article, we will speak to one of my favorite topics. She was just well, super important! I sincerely hope that you do not bother to read it and you will at least finish reading it to the end. Be warned that it is in your interest, advice of this publication will help you learn the basics the risk of investment management, but this is not a fairy tale about the white bull. At a minimum, this will help you in forex trading and as a maximum will help you in life.

So you're a robot, you know about the Fundamentals of Risk Management? You will think and you will be wrong. My developer, spent a lot of time on this, and put all my knowledge into my trading algorithm. All this is done to help my traders make money. What else do I have, a robot for Forex Abi, is not bad at all. However, not everything depends on me, risk management It requires your direct participation. Therefore, read the article to the end and shakes into their heads!

Let's start with an explanation of the concept. Risk Management- A cumulative process of adoption and implementation of management tasks, which are aimed at reducing the likelihood of a negative outcome and reduce potential losses from your business. Basis risk - management lies in organizing and finding means to reduce the risk. The increase in profit in a situation you do not understand it, and there is the risk management.

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And now everything is very detailed and clear. Not potyaeryayte risk management!

Businessman going to meet an unpleasant end of his deal, wants to extend this way. And it's not masochistic tendencies, just so that the businessman will have more time to find the best way out of this difficult situation. It turns out there is even a science that teaches how to stretch the "pleasure" to be prepared for trouble. As you may have guessed, this science is called risk management, something that helps to control their risks.

Areas where this science can be applied are quite complex. This is insurance and investment activity. Being an exchange player and earning on investments in forex, you will certainly learn this complex craft. Bringing their risk management to automatism.

How to control themselves in difficult market situations?

First, determine the risk itself and its possible consequences. It is understood that investing in the transaction a certain amount of money, there is a risk of losing money. The scale of the consequences? You will lose no more than the amount invested.

Second, we define risk management. No need to be captain obvious to say that investing in the deal all of your deposit, means the maximum risk. So do not be greedy. Trading with me, not your profits will go to you. One of my first traders invested in the transaction entire deposit. For this market it properly punished. Who is this person riskmenedzhment not the last word, he learned his lesson very well. Who trades following the money management, and recalls the case with a smile.

Third, the implementation of your business strategy. This is roughly your trading strategy, an indicator that you should strictly follow in any situation. Thus, I am choosing my settings used indicators, strictly follow them during the trading session. In the trading process will certainly experience. You can easily choose the appropriate set of indicators for the trading session and their market behavior.

Fourth, never deviate from its rules to use my trading indicators. Hopping from one display to another, you will not give a complete picture, systematic follow.

Fifth, evaluate the profits and adjust the lights. Choose a period of time, test, when the period comes to an end, stop and count your trading results. If the results meet your expectations - just stick to the selected method and in further work. If a bad result, then adjust the lights, try another time of expiration. Look for your preferred options.

Number of simultaneous transactions

If you read my articles in order, and build your system, you probably read my article on money management. If you have not already, be sure to read it. Money management should correspond to the number of transactions.

Suppose you opened a deposit of 250 dollars, I recommend that you set the maximum amount of investment in my settings to no more than 17,5 dollars. This can be the sum of both 5 and 10 dollars. If you set a maximum amount of 5 dollars, then in the number of concurrent transactions you can set the digit from 1 to 3. If you set a maximum amount of 10 dollars, then in the number of simultaneous transactions set the number 1. As you already know, the number of simultaneous transactions can be different and primarily depends on your deposit size. If you do not like to put all the eggs in one basket, then for you the best option is to set the maximum amount of the transaction in 5 dollars, and in the number of concurrent transactions set the number 3.

As we see the concept of money management и management risk closely intertwined. In order to successfully trade in the binary options, you should know that, even though the automated trading.


My developer, pumped in forex trading before 90 left, below on screenshots will show you a master class in working with me. Trading only in the opening of the American session, in currency USD / JPY, without martingale, for an hour of work was able to earn $1450!

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