This system has a high degree of risk, but aims to maximize profits for a shorter period of time.

Substance Martingale system It is to increase the amount of the transaction, if the previous transaction was closed with a minus. And so it is up to the moment when the option is not closed with a plus. After that, I continue to trade on the minimum amount.

Let's look at an example:

I open the option EUR / USD on the rise. In the settings you set the minimum transaction amount to $ 5. The first option is closed with a minus. No profit, but there is a drawdown at $ 5. In this case, the next option I open already 10 $ (double the amount of the option). When an option is closed with a plus, we get a net profit of $ 8. Thus the cover previous losses and even have extra profit $ 3.

You can independently calculate the amount of transactions using online calculator Martingale:

The minimum investment (for example, 500)
The yield,% (eg, 175)

In the first column You need to enter the minimum amount of investment. For example 5.

In the second column You need to enter the yield percentage. For example 175 (100% for the previous deal that brought no profit + rate of return offered by the broker in the amount of up to 65 87%).

See my example

martingale calculator

But how much can earn on the machine

martingale system profit

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