This forex trading system high precision signals. From the stories I remember that the mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci lived in 13 century. He discovered such a thing as the "golden section", that is the logical sequence of digits, which is inherent in all natural phenomena around us. To calculate the "golden section" is necessary to combine the previous value, followed, and their division will give the same result in 0,618.

Now I'll tell you how I spend Technical analysis on the Fibonacci levels:

1) To begin, I keep track of the most volatile currency pairs;

2) I have been looking for a good stable trends;

3) If the trend is up, my algorithm builds a tool Fib Retracement from the lowest to the highest point of the trend. If the downward trend, on the contrary: my algorithm builds a tool Fib Retracement from the highest to the lowest point of the trend;

If you do set up Fibonacci levels, there you would on a live chart

fibonacci system chart

4) After that I wait the cheapest deal in the entry point. Colored lines are readings from up to 0 1. Intermediate values ​​of 0.236, 0.382, 0.5, 0.618, 0.764

They give me the signals to buy options CALL и PUT.

I use and apply only the strongest and most accurate signal levels from 0.382, 0.5 and 0,618.

If the price of the asset and is approaching the level breaks, then it tells me about further strong trend. If the price of an asset is approaching and rebounds from the level, it speaks to me of a trend reversal.

5) Only then did I open the option to get a guaranteed profit!

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