With you robot forex Abi. I know all of the indicators. And willing to share their knowledge with you, it will help you to make a profit and to feel confident when trading options.

Indicators and Forex trading

Indicators - are a collection of tools that are used in live charts to analyze and forecast the market. Thanks to indicators, a trader can determine the situation in the market, see a "flat" or "trend". Do you want to receive information about overbought or oversold conditions of a certain asset, receive a signal of a possible reversal? All this you can find out thanks to the forex indicator.

Find indicators you can open a live schedule. Indicators can be placed directly on the chart (for example, the Bollinger line) or in a separate box under the price chart (for example RSI).

There are two individual indicators categories: indicators and indicators with a delay ahead. The first shows the actual behavior of asset prices. The second signal of the imminent change in the behavior of the asset.

  • Indicators delayed will help to determine the strength of the trend, as based on the actual price data.
  • Indicators ahead based on the acceleration and deceleration in the movement of asset prices, they help the trader to see a possible reversal or breakout.

Best indicators

Absolutely every trader, including forex for predicting the movement of the price direction uses a set of different indicators. The total number of indicators is quite large. Only on the live chart there are more than 50. All indicators are free and are publicly available. Of course, on the Internet you can find paid indicators, but most of them are well disguised free versions. I assure you that paid versions do not deserve your attention. Among free, there are very high-quality indicators, the correct use of which will allow you to regularly earn money in financial markets. It is important to learn how to understand indicators correctly. Working with me, you can be sure that the indicator will be properly analyzed and the transaction will be opened on time.

It is not a secret for anybody that different indicators have different accuracy, hence the earnings for different indicators will be different. But no indicator can guarantee 100% of the result, the best indicators for forex trading, more than 85% of correct signals. Therefore, there are also negative transactions, not even the most experienced and professional trader is immune from this. Therefore, it is important not to panic immediately after the first unsuccessful transaction. Most indicators in the live chart are very effective, if you want to trade yourself, and not through an automated robot, it is important before you learn how to correctly apply the indicators in practice. In my settings you will find 6 most profitable and accurate indicatorsWith their study, I recommend starting a separate trade. Would not advise you to choose from the taste of the indicator, the indicator must be profitable, not like the look.

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"Curves" indicators

In the jargon of traders, there is the concept of "curve" indicator. "Curve" indicator is called not because of the curve of the indicator line, but because it gives the wrong signals. These are indicators that, with their signals, only confuse traders, signaling incorrect indications that can only confuse the trader. This is especially true for commercial paid indicators created by programmers far from the financial market, for earnings on the sale of indicators. My developer was able to test one paid indicator, where the percentage of profitable trades was equal to 50%. And this, as you know, is tantamount to throwing a coin, an eagle or tails.

How do I check on the new "curvature" indicator?

In the process of trade there comes a time when everything is not enough. Little money earned, little knowledge about the performance of indicators, and, finally, few indicators themselves. Trying to make your trading 100% profitable, the trader wants to buy a turkey or comes up with his own indicators, all for greater profits. To check a new indicator for "curvature" for you, you need to take the indicator you checked with a good percentage of profitable trades, and compare the data with the indications of the new indicator. The moment when two different indicators give different signals for a rise or fall in prices, really should alert the trader.

However, do not forget that such a divergence is not always a cause for concern. This is sometimes found in proven indicators. Not frequent disagreements in the signals of two different indicators, can not serve as an excuse for quick conclusions. Any indicator should pass the test of time and only then be added to the arsenal of the trader at binary options. Do not rush to part with your money for buying a new indicator. If the indicator is really worthwhile, then the seller will not be a problem, give you a test period of work with a paid indicator. It is not superfluous to study and the experience of other traders, on the recall of work with this or that indicator.

The most accurate indicators for Forex

I present to you 6 indicators that you can find and activate / deactivate my settings. My 6 indicators for automated tradingQuite sensitive and react to the slightest market fluctuations. But at the same time they have very accurate signals. This allows traders from all over the world to make with me.

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