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My name is a robot for automatic earnings on Forex Abi. Want to choose or find out what trading assets profitable trading? Read the entire article carefully.

Select an asset in Forex

Trading Forex, you can discover for yourself a variety of trading assets and trade in all major markets. Including stock markets, indices, commodities and of course currencies. A wide selection of assets is available to traders 24 hours a day, and some brokers even offer trading on a day off. Becoming one of the traders BinRobot - Lady, you can learn more about the assets of the global market, expand your portfolio and increase the profit potential with the help of a trading algorithm. Forex brokers offer a trader a huge list of trading assets, from the abundance of shares of companies and to currency pairs. For sure, among this list you can find shares of your favorite company (Apple), or in the list of currency pairs find your national currency.

In total there are 4 types of assets:

  • forex pairs
  • commodities
  • stock indexes
  • shares.

Of course, the majority of professional traders, specialize in a particular sector of the financial market and in one and the same category of trading assets. Each investor finds a more profitable financial asset, it's all individually. In Forex, most of the traders came from Forex, so it's logical that the most profitable assets are currency pairs. As for me personally, I only trade for currency pairs. My choice is conscious, these are the assets that I can best trade. Trade in indicators is best for currency pairs. We earn on the volatility of currencies is not bad enough, you can see this by looking at traders' reportsthat trading with me.

What you need to do to trade forex through a trading robot? Pass the registrationUsing the registration form on my website you open an account with a broker and deposit. Make desired settings. Press the menu button AUTO TRADING ON and monitor the robot.

A variety of trading tools will open you new areas and increase your earnings.

Forex pairs

binary option assets forex pairs

Trade in currency pairs is traditional for the forex market. Of the four basic assets for forex trading, currency pairs are the most popular. The variety of currency pairs allows you to choose a favorable time to trade and use the same indicators for different currency pairs. Trading the US dollar in the US trading session allows you to earn good money. At the time of the work of the American session the dollar is the most volatile and well-analysed.

The most popular and liquid pair, on which you can find a lot of analyzes, from television to an unknown blogger, is a pair of EUR / USD. I can safely recommend to trade this pair during the European session. Just avoid trading during the news of the economic calendar for Eurozone.

Personally, I trade the following assets:


I identified these assets as a base, and only for these pairs I develop my trading skills. At the paltform of a binary options broker you can see other forex pairs. But here I can not help you in any way.


binary option assets commodities

This type of asset attracts traders with its strong dependence on fundamental factors. This type of financial assets includes a variety of types of raw materials and natural resources. Here is not a complete list of commodities that forex brokers can provide for trading. it wheat, corn, coffee, sugar, oil, gold, silver, copper.

A distinctive feature of this type of assets is complete independence from the brand of production and producers, this is due to the absence of differences from different manufacturers. The cost of an ounce of gold is almost the same everywhere. The value of commodities is generally determined by global supply and demand. By learning the fundamental analysis, the trader will be able to trade commodities profitably .


binary option assets indexes

The stock market index is a value reflecting the relative change of different metrics, calculated on the basis of market prices of a certain group "basket index" or collectively of the securities.

Stock indexes themselves are quite user-friendly indicators. They reflect the market dynamics of a particular group of instruments, grouped according to some joint basis. In the calculation of the index, its underlying value is a set price, or is equal to some figure (eg 10000). To provide and compare the prices of "index basket", they are multiplied by additional coefficients. The absolute value of the indexes do not have any practical value for a trader. Change of the stock index in time will allow to judge about the general direction of the price movement in the "index basket". A comparison of the indexes gives an idea of ​​how the various sectors of the world economy operate.

Novice traders should understand that the indexes are not securities, therefore, they indicate the level of the stock index, but not price.

the list of the most popular indices: NASDAQ, DAX, S & P, CAC, RTS, MICEX, Stoxx, FTSE, Nikkei, Topix, Hang Seng and others.

Shares of companies

binary options assets companies

A share is a security that gives the right to profit to its owner. In case of sale of the company, the shareholder also has the right to a part of the company's property. On the platform of forex brokers you can find the following stocks of companies: Apple, Microsoft, Coca - Cola, Gazprom, Lukoil and others. Trading on these assets is quite popular among traders from around the world. You will be able to find necessary information about the company's activity from the media or on the official website of the company. The availability of such information makes trading as simple as possible.

Forex trading on shares of world companies has its advantages. Transactions concluded through a forex broker always have fixed risks, you can lose no more than the amount invested. At Forex, you buy not the stock itself, but a contract, whether the stock price will be higher or lower in a certain period of time. This allows you to enter the market with small amounts and sell expensive, world-famous shares.

When trading stocks of companies forex, you need to study the financial performance of your chosen company, as well as conduct a fundamental analysis, and take into account the economic situation in the country where the company operates.

Hack and predictor Aviator

The main advantage of forex trading is a wide choice of assets for trading. On the platform of the broker you can find different types of assets traded in different markets. This gives the player more opportunities for earning.

Forex is suitable for professionals, thanks to a wide choice of basic assets, and beginning traders, it does not need to have a large starting capital for this. Most forex brokers accept players with an amount of 250 dollars. The low entry threshold and ease of analysis allow newcomers to quickly adapt to the market. Flexible risk management allows you to adapt your trading system to the style of your trade.

This rading automatic system is especially suitable for beginners. It allows to start earning money even without knowledge of technical and fundamental analysis. The result will be seen in a short period of time.

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