Trend Indicator - A combination of trend indicators.

To automatically I analyze the market using multiple trend indicators. Namely: Bollinger Bands и Linear Regression. They provide excellent signals in conjunction with technical analysis tools such as RSI и Stoch.

Indicators form a contingent asset price limits. The top line of the corridor called the line of resistance, and the lower - the support lines.

Through the ascending or descending direction of the price band, I'm concerned about the general trend of the asset.

Here's what it looks like on a live chart:

binary options indicator trend

With regards to the indicator Linear Regression: if the asset price rises to the upper resistance line, touches or even pierces it, I expect the price rebound, its reversal. After that, I open the deal for a decrease. And if the asset price goes down to the bottom line of support, touches or even pierces it, I expect the price to rebound in the opposite direction. Only after that I open the deal for a raise.

binary options indicator trend

If we consider the Bollinger Bands, then I am also interested in the location of the asset price relative to the corridor boundaries. She will always strive to move from one extreme strip to another. Therefore, I wait for breakdowns and then reversals, similar to the Linear Regression indicator. In addition, if I see that the curve lines of the indicator are approaching each other, forming a "neck" - I do not open a deal. This means that the market is very weak volatility and there is no clear trend. I'm just preparing for the approaching apparent trend, which will be evidenced by the divergence of lines in different directions.

binary options indicator trend

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