Relative Strength Index - RSI indicator.

The next indicator in my settings - it RSI. It belongs to the oscillators for technical analysis of the asset. Its when I apply a sideways trend.

It is important that there was no pronounced uptrend or downtrend. 

See how the RSI forex indicator is displayed on a live chart:

binary options indicators rsi

Due to the indicator I can judge the strength of asset movements, and see zone oversold and overbought.

As you can see on the screenshot, the curve line of the indicator is moving in the range of from 0 to 100. Anything above 70 - is overbought zone. Anything below 30 - is oversold zone.

The indicator automatically calculates the ratio of positive and negative price fluctuations. If the positive vibrations dominate, the RSI indicator growing. If more negative vibrations - curve line indicator falls.

If I see that the light came from the top mark 70 (entered into overbought zone), I expect a price turn of the asset and I open the deal for a decrease.

If I see that the light has gone out of the bottom mark 30 (entered into oversold), I expect a reversal of the value of the asset and open the deal for a raise.

I advise you to adjust RSI indicator together with Stoch and Trend.

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