Often the secret to success for an effective trade is appropriate forex trading strategies. However, the marketplace is full of strategies, and choosing the right one is never easy. In fact, for the right strategies to work, there are multiple factors at play. You have to remember that any good and dependent strategy has to focus on all your prerequisites and the target profit. 

While choosing the right forex strategies, it is important to stick to the basics and avoid venturing out too much from your comfort zone. Also, make sure if the strategy addresses your goals effectively.

Criteria for choosing the right forex trading strategies

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First and foremost, it is important to understand how to choose a strategy. There are innumerable options that can be followed, but the trick is understanding how comfortable in following it. Remember, your understanding and grasp of it will all depend on your comfort level with a policy. Often, this also brings in the appropriate profitability that you can target in place too. 

The other key factor is the suitability element. You may zero in on an extremely effective strategy, but the question is, does it address your needs? Always ensure that the strategy you choose gels with your end goals properly. That alone can help you guarantee gains and long-term success. It helps you develop your trade in the style, manner that you prefer and sets a pace for your progress. 

Remember the forex trading is always an amalgamation of multiple factors. All these factors are linked with a common thread, and that is your end goal. Every trader's goals and requirements are unique, and every successful trade is the best reflection of this aspect. Therefore, make sure you carefully take into consideration all the factors before locking in the final trade. 

What to watch for in your strategies

While it is true that every trade is unique, there are some prerequisites. These are key factors or procedures that need to be kept in mind for every type of trade. It does not just help you to zero in on an effective strategy but also ensures your trade helps you generate your target return on investment every time. So, when you are considering a specific strategy, always take into account the following factors to maximize gains: -

  • Ease of reaching target: When you have a target in mind, remember an effective strategy will always enable you to reach the target with ease. So, the first aspect to take into consideration is how easily you can realize your target with the strategy you have in mind. Essentially speaking, it should follow Google Maps. You must be able to reach your target in the shortest possible time and with minimum hassle. If that is not the case, then this isn't the right forex strategy for you, and you must look for something else. As the old adage goes, time is money, and it isn't manifested better than in working out the efficiency of a strategy.
  • Time invested: Don't just concentrate on the time you need to reach a target but also the overall time you are investing. Forex strategies should help you reach your target in the minimum possible time and help you maximize gains. However, if that is not the case, then it should not be the policy that you must pursue. Don't just look for the gains that any strategy yields but also the time taken. Together you can experience absolute value and get a profitable deal. It is all about optimizing your overall investment.
  • Number of trading opportunities: Forex trading strategies, given the sheer volatile nature of the market, also need to be spot on in terms of delivery. Often some strategies might hamper your profitability because of the lower number of trades per year. While on year on year basis, the gains might be okay. There is also another side of the coin in this aspect. Carefully consider the number of trading opportunities involved and the brokerage associated with it. Ultimately, if you gain x percent but have to fork out y percent as brokerage fees, your actual gains are reduced to xy. That will not just dent your profitability but also cut down your gain potential from a strategy. That is why it is very important that you make a relative calculation of both the aspects and arrive at a mutually profitable proposition. 

What to avoid while choosing trading strategies

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Once we finished the dos, it is incumbent on us to tell you don'ts of the trade to. So there are some key guidelines when you are selecting trading strategies. These don't just ensure that your gains are more consistent but also bring about a certain amount of confidence in the overall strategy. While these are some basic parameters, it is surprising how often people miss out on these factors while choosing a strategy. That's exactly why it makes sense to spell them out appropriately. 

  • Avoid short-term strategies: Short-term strategies are attention intensive and need constant monitoring. As a result, there is always a risk of loss if you miss any key aspect. If you do not have the time and strong fundamental grasp, it is better to opt for long-term strategies and avoid short-term ones. 
  • Avoid wide stop loss: A wide stop loss also necessitates a wide capital base. Without that, it will be impossible for you to keep your strategy well-funded. Not only does it create an additional stress factor in your trade, but it can also skew the risk-reward ratio. In that context, it always makes sense to keep the stop loss within a definitive construct of possibilities, and this will ensure greater profitability too. 
  • Number of trades: There are some strategies that will not guarantee profit every year because of the sheer number of annual trades. So carefully analyze the strategy and then take a call. In case you think otherwise, you always have the option to enhance your profitability. 

The options available

Now that you are clear about what's required, the question is, how do you go about looking for the right trading strategies. Of course, you can ask friends, surf the internet and zero in on appropriate options. But the basic problem in these is that you will need to spend a lot of time, but the commensurate gains may not be there for you. Moreover, as we mentioned previously, what worked for one may not work for the other. 

  • Go conventional: One simple but time-consuming option would be to get into a detailed study of the forex market, maybe take a short-term course and learn the job. The concern here is that the gains won't be immediate, and you would have to spend considerable time in the market to get on top of strategies. But the good part is you are addressing the fundamentals, and invariably they will offer you long-term benefits that are also sustainable and guarantee consistent returns. However, before anything, you must prepare yourself to go through the entire course of the training and be open to learning and exploring new aspects. 
  • Opt for Forex Robots: If you are in a rush, do not have a lot of time but don't want to miss out on the gain prospects from the forex market, you could choose a forex robot. It will help you make a comprehensive analysis of the market, and you can also automate the trading process. All you have to do is feed in your objectives, requirements, and enable the robot to select a strategy that best suits all the parameters. After that, all you need to do is wait for the trade to happen and enjoy the gains. 


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Therefore, we can conclude that effective forex strategies are all about maximizing the return potential. Though it will be wrong to paint every trade in the same brushstroke, it goes without saying that consistency is significant, and time is money. Look for strategies that offer you an advantage consistently and in the minimum possible time. The crux of the game plan is simple. The strategy needs to bring in the right balance of risk and affordability for the investor, and the overall targets should be in a manageable range. 

Also, look for the trade timeline. If you are an amateur investor, it is best to place your bets on the longer term. A short-term trade can be rewarding, but only if you are a seasoned player and know the market inside out. The other alternative is you opt for a forex robots... That way, your selection of the strategy becomes much simpler. The good thing about Abi robot is that you do not need to install anything; it works in the browser. You can easily feed in your requirements, and the forex strategies that conform to your needs will be there for you to explore. It does not just assist you in identifying the right strategy but also enables faster execution of the trade. So, when you register someone like Abi helping you with your trade and also the strategies to trade with, your gains are guaranteed. So, even if you are a beginner, try this robot you can enjoy gains without worrying about the strategy.

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