Forex trading is a highly complex procedure and requires immense knowledge of currencies, businesses, and the forex market. Still, with the development of new types of personal forex trading accounts,you now have better control over trading with simplified procedures. Automated forex trading has become a reliable source to build up a profitable journey in this regard. Here we would analyze the different ways to convert your forex trading platform into an automatic revenue-making machine. Still, initially, it's essential to understand the different types of forex trading platforms.

Understanding forex trading platforms


Downloadable and Non-downloadable trading platforms

Trading platforms are easily distinguished based on downloading options. If the trading platform allows downloading an opportunity, then they can only be accessed on the device it is installed on a tablet or computer desktop. In contrast, non-downloadable trading platforms are based on the web and can be accessed on any device. Imagine if you are traveling and want to participate in the forex trade, but you have no access to your desktop, so the best option would be to go for a non-downloadable trading platform. Here you will need to enter your login details and begin trading in no time. Accessibility is the only critical preference for all traders these days. 

Automated bots like Robot Abi also work on all browsers, and hence you don't need to install any specific software or trading platform to start trading. The non-downloadable version of the trading platform is indeed a great collaboration with automated bots. They work very well to generate profits. 

Classification of Forex Trading Platforms 

Forex trading platforms are also classified by their programming languages. These algorithms are not easily understood by beginner traders and are rarely used by users. Here is a brief overview of these trading platforms:

  1. MT4 MetaTrader & MT5 MetaTrader: These platforms are most widely used across the globe. Its easy-to-use methodology is one of the reasons behind its high demand.
  2. ActTrader: Has downloadable and non-downloadable options.
  3. Currenex: this is subdivided into two main versions, Currenex Viking for experienced traders and Currenex classic ideally for novice traders.
  4. TradeStation: The TradeStation platform is developed on the Lua programming language.
  5. cTrader: It allows you to establish a direct connection to the forex trading market. It has this feature because it manages an Electronic Communications Network platform at its backend.

Dealing Desk Vs. Non-dealing desk (trading models)

FOREX platforms are developed on the algorithms of two trading models. This includes dealing desk platforms and non-dealing desk platforms. Both the trading models are slightly different in terms of their operation. In dealing desk platforms, the system establishes its connection to the brokers dealing desk that is, in fact, the originator of all pricing. Any transaction by traders is bound to go to the dealing desk for implementation. The most common example of such trading platforms is MetaTrader, ActTrader, and TradeStation. etc.

On the other hand, in the non-dealing desk, the direct originator of the prices are the liquidity providers, and they require the trader's approval to move on further. This system is therefore known as direct access trading. Examples include Currenex Viking, cTrader, and cAlgo.

How to make money by using Forex trading platforms?


Forex trading is a tough row to hoe and requires immense knowledge; therefore the automated bots like the robot Abi are the only shortcut solution for beginner traders. To register with Robot Abi, you only need to open a forex trading account to begin trading. Robot Abi is developed to take up all your burden in just one go. The robot comes up with additional features to get better control over your forex trading. If you are a novice trader and want to earn money with your forex trading account, you can easily register yourself with the bit and make any minimum deposit selection. You can too run a demo account initially to learn and practice forex trading with robot Abi. Further, Robot Abi will start trading for you and would also alert you when there comes a golden opportunity to execute orders so you can also witness the progress of Robot Abi. With manual trading, it becomes challenging to make several transactions simultaneously, but Robot Abi would make calculations to execute multiple orders at the same time. 

The ultimate goal of Robot Abi earns profit for you in a risky situation. For instance, if you fear losing your capital, you would not be capable of making the right decisions under stressful conditions. Still, Robot Abi takes you out of this situation and handles all your financial burdens.

How does Robot ABI play its part in the Forex trading platform?


The forex markets are growing rapidly, and there is an increase in the trading volume each day; therefore, it offers a higher return and liquidity. This makes it easy to enter and exit the market at the desired position. The challenging part of forex trading is that the banks or the brokers in the forex markets can control huge positions with relatively more minor capital of their own and leverage in a higher range. Robot Abi perfectly overcomes the scenario without putting your money on the verge of loss. It is specially designed with its six indicators and signals to protect the traders from significantly entering into this situation. Robot Abi trades 24 hours a day without losing its productivity and availing of golden opportunities. Robot Abi is not like other scams in the marketplace. It has some incredible qualities. Firstly, you don't need to pay anything for using Robot Abi. It's absolutely FREE to use. Robot Abi will not only do trading for you, but it will also help you teach new methodologies of forex trading. Similarly, this platform also provides a trial account, so it is excellent for those who want to learn trading skills without investing their money. Robot Abi, on the other hand, runs inside your browser and can trade in any specified pair without any problem.

Robot Abi has been acknowledged by top-notch traders and is demanded due to its extraordinary performance in no time. The average profit rate was 85% when compared to other bots available on the internet. Moreover, Robot Abi is specifically targeted to execute your orders with its sensitive indicators and signals available.

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Here are some of the advantages of configuring Robot Abi:

As It reduces psychological and physical pressure on the trader, so it generates maximum profit for the investors. During all this process, if any bugs arise- Robot Abi, with its backup software, enables its users to protect their valuable statistics. The human intervention in forex auto trading is reduced to zero with this binary option Bot, and hence Robot Abi is now a profit-making machine for your next trade. Last but not least, robot Abi has many competitors in the marketplace, but a majority of them keep their process either secret or demand a high level of fee structure, but Robot Abi stands out from others in all aspects. The configuration process of Robot Abi is also quite simple and open for newbie traders. There isn't any hidden information, and the user can choose from three different systems like classical, Fibonacci, and Martingale. All these systems differ from each other in predicting information and generating revenue. You can find in-depth information about all these systems when you register yourself with this incredible automated bot.

Money-making Features of Robot Abi:

Robot Abi strictly preserves its disciplines even in the volatile market situations. This factor is often lost due to psychological pressure, but with automated trading, the capital is not on the verge of loss, and one can achieve consistency by following its strict rules. On the other hand, Robot Abi can immediately respond to the fluctuating market conditions and enter the market when the trade criteria are met perfectly. In forex trading, each and every second is crucial, so Robot Abi's speedy entrance into the market can make a difference in the outcome of trading. Its protective stop-loss option prevents any sudden loss, so what are you waiting for, give Robot Abi a try and start earning money efficiently and smartly. The diversifying trading tactics of Robot Abi cannot be matched with any other bot or even a professional broker because one needs to make orders in milliseconds, and it becomes difficult to handle them at one go. 

Final Thoughts

Understanding the Forex trading platform is not something like a mission impossible, but it is a sophisticated trading method that requires innovative thinking and implementing some disciplined trading rules. Many traders believe that there is a colossal learning curve when they trade with automated bots, but Robot Abi is not like them. It is specially designed with its backup system to surpass any mechanical failure while trading. So, what else are you looking for, give all your financial burdens to Robot Abi and let it double your profits in no time. 

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