Question: What is a forex robot and crypto currency

Answer: is a forex robot that offers online signals right in your browser.

Question: Does accept traders from the United States?

Answer: Yes

Question: Where can I see the results of transactions, opened by

Answer: You can check the results of transactions in the tab "History of transactions" in your broker's account, in the room of the robot. And you can see other traders' resulst at STATISTICS at the web-site.

Question: Is the forex robot legal

Answer: Certainly, - it is a legitimate program for auto trading directly in the browser of the computer. The robot works only with brokers who have CySEC license.

Question: How much is the cost of

Answer: - is a free program. Of course, you will need to open a real trading account with one of the broker that is compatible with the robot. Only then you can take advantage of all the automatic settings of the program.

Question: Which browser should I use for trading with a forex robot?

Answer: The robot is compatible with all browsers Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android, iPhone, and many others.

Question: Is there a mobile version of (for tablets and phones)?

Answer: Yes

Question: What is the expiry time offers at robot Abi?

Answer: In the settings you can choose the expiration time: short-term, medium-term, long-term transactions. You can learn more about the available expiration time in brokers reviews.

Question: Why not take the advantage of all the possible expiration time?

Answer: Different brokers offer different expiration time.

Question: Does work, when I am not online?

Answer: No. You must have an active Internet connection and open a browser in order for the forex robot to work.

Question: Where do brokers take online quotes of the assets from?

Answer: All quotes come online from Reuters and the built-in algorithm at the brokers' platforms.

Question: Do you accept traders from the UK?

Answer: Yes


Question: How do I start trading?

Answer: To get started, click the link registration >>>. Fill out the appropriate form to create a free account. Next, replenish the deposit with the selected broker. The last step is to follow the online signals.


Question: What is the recommended amount of the deposit?

Answer: The recommended amount based on all the rules of money and risk management is $ 500 - $ 1000. Although you can start with any amount.

Question: What is the minimum deposit?

Answer: $ 250 USD

Question: How can I withdraw profits?

Answer: You can withdraw profits anytime. To do this, click the "Withdrawal" in the account of the robot. After that, you will be redirected to the withdrawal page in your broker account. Next, you will need to follow the instructions at the broker platform.


Question: How do I choose a broker?

Answer: While registration of the robot's account you will be offered a choice of brokers.

Question: What is a forex broker?

Answer: Broker - is a company that owns and operates the trading platform. At the platform a trader can open transactions on the various assets.

Question: If I already have an account with a forex broker, can I choose automatic trading with

Answer: No. The robot must be synchronized with the account at the broker. Therefore, only the registration of the broker that was going through the site of the robot Abi is suitable.


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