In this page you can get acquainted with the basic settings of automatic robot forex AbiWith these settings, you can set a specific algorithm. The percentage of winning trades depends on it. All the settings are inside the robot's account in the "Settings" section.

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In order to increase the profitability percentage of the transactions and maximize profits it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

1) Expiration time (duration of each transaction)

Depending on the choice of the broker, you will be offered a different expiration time (from several hours, to several weeks or even months)

Example of expiration time

abi vremua expiration en

You can choose one of the suggested time intervals. After that, the robot algorithm will analyze the market for the selected time interval and open transactions.

Additionally, you can get acquainted with recommended expiration time >>>

2) The amount of the transaction (the amount invested in each transaction)

Each broker has a minimum amount for every transaction. Some have 1-5 $, others 10-25 $.

Depending on the chosen broker, you will be able to determine the amount of investment in each transaction, as well as the desired percentage of profit from the transaction amount:

abi investition en

Robot Abi will always open transactions for the amount you have specified. The exception is for the Martingale system, where in the case of loss, the next deal is opened with increasing amounts.

Additionally, you can get acquainted with recommended amount of investments >>>

3) The number of simultaneous transactions

Depending on the volatility of the market for various assets, the system can automatically open multiple transactions simultaneously. You can control this process by configuring the maximum number of simultaneously opened trades.

Here's how it looks

abi kol vo odnovremennuh sdelok

For example, you install no more than 3 simultaneous transactions. This means that, given a favorable market situation, the Abi forex robot will open 3 transactions on one or more assets, and then wait for them to expire before opening the next profitable trades.

Additionally, you can get acquainted with recommended number of simoltanious trades >>>

4) Trading system (trading method)

Robot Abi can be set to one of three trading systems. A comprehensive analysis of the market depends on it.

You can choose among 3 systems:

- Classical system >>>

- Martingale System >>>

- Fibonacci System >>>

abi trade sustem

Using the links, you can read detailed reviews about them. Thus, you can decide which trading system suits your needs.

5) Indicators

Trading system Abi uses only the best and qualitative indicators in its market analysis. Thanks to them analysis becomes more accurate and as a result profitable. There are 6 indicators:

RSI, Stoch, Trend, MACD, CCI, Williams% R

robot settings indicators

You must remember that you can select some of them or all indicators at once. The algorithm of the robot is constructed in such a way that it takes into account signals of all the indicators that are selected in the settings. If at least one indicator contradicts the others, a trade will not be opened. And it will be up until all the selected indicators will give one and the same signal (CALL or PUT).

Additionally, you can get acquainted with recommended indicators >>>

6) Assets for trading

After making the basic settings for a comprehensive analysis, it is necessary to define the assets to analyse. You can choose between the following forex pairs:

abi valutnue pary9

7) Degree of risk

You can choose the degree of risk in the analysis of the market.

abi riski sd en

In default settings all the assets will be selected. If desired, you can deactivate some of them. It is up to you.

Additionally, you can get acquainted with recommended assets >>>

After all the necessary settings have been made, you can click the auto-trading button and begin to make profit through the forex algorithm. Or, to receive online signals on assets and trade independently on the platform of the selected broker. In any case, the profit is guaranteed to you!

Start trading with Abi >>>

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