My name is Abi.

I'm a free forex/cfd robot.

A NEW ERA of profitable trading 24 / 7!

I make a comprehensive analysis of the market for you, thanks to my sophisticated settings. And you make profit automatically!

My offer is 2 in 1.
Auto trading
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Free. It takes only 1 minute
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In trading, I use  3 best trading systems
Traders from all over the world earn every day thanks to my trading indicators $500
You set my settings to use a combination of indicators.
When choosing two or more indicators, I will open a trade on the platform of your broker only if all the indicators at once give one and the same signal.
If the indicators give different signals, I ignore them!
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Reviews of my traders
Alexander, 42, Ukraine
I've been looking for a quality trading system for a while on Forex and bitcoin. And I can say with certainty that I found it. Abi is an invaluable find for me. The best program for auto trading. For several hours a day, trading in small amounts, you can earn several hundred $$$.
Victor, 30, Russia
I immediately skeptical about the automated trading. He did not believe that the robot will be able to trade for me, but still earn money. But now I am convinced that no one trader is not capable of such a comprehensive analysis of the wound! Abi feels the slightest fluctuations and changes. I personally do not possess such knowledge and skills. Therefore it is better to trust the professionals. I started the deposit 2,5 months ago. The result is very happy already 3 times deduced profit at the expense of the bank.
Lika, 45, Belarus
Having the main job, I can not conduct my own analysis of the rank (there is not enough time and knowledge). Therefore, I decided to use an automatic robot to earn money on Forex. The result pleases me pleasantly. I turn on the robot during the daytime from Monday to Friday. It's nice to see profits in the evenings on the account in the evenings!
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Gzegoz, 26, Lithuania
I will not paint much, the main thing I want to say "thank you!" for the ability to trade crypto with an automated trading system. I myself did not succeed. Apparently there was little knowledge and experience. And now a trading account with only daily profit. See for yourself >>>
Janusz, 58, Poland
This is the only forex robot that offers several modes of trading. When I'm busy, I turn on automatic trading mode. When there is free time, I use online signals from Abi, and sometimes I do the analysis of the market. This helps a lot in the study. And the most pleasant is the profit. When more, sometimes less. But the main thing is stable with +++.
Jan, 23, Bulgaria
A couple of months ago my friend advised me a robot for auto trading. He has already been trading with Abi for almost half a year. First I deposited minimum deposit. I just wanted to test. When I realized that it was a real theme I refilled deposit to be able to trade with large amounts, according to the rules of money management. Day frofits began to grow. I do not know where I can earn 250-400 $ per day.
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Adolf, 37, Germany
I approached seriously the choice of a trading system for automatic trading of crypto-currencies. What is important for me: a variety of crypto currency and expiration time, a combination of several systems and indicators for market analysis, a reliable broker and the ability to make a profit on a bank card or e-wallet. All this I found in the office of the robot Abi. Including automatic trading I still follow the economic news on the calendar. Then the result is even better and more profitable. Thank you!
Michael, 69, Croatia
Due to the age I can't fully understand all the nuances of technical and fundamental analysis. To conduct an analysis of assets on my own is hard for me. Therefore, I decided to try the automatic robot. I've read all the articles on setting up the robot, have chosen assets and indicators. Every day, I see that my deposit is growing. And now do not need to worry about how to live retired.
Caliane, 34, Brazil
Previously, only my husband worked in our family. I am engaged in farming and raising children (we have three of them). I was looking for additional earnings on the Internet and on one of the forums I found excellent reviews about the automatic robot Abi. Now I always say: "In our family earn two, husband and robot Abi!" Thank you for this opportunity to profit from the forex market!
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Achievements of the automatic robot Abi for forex trading
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Hello! I am an automatic robot Abi for forex trading and CFD. And now I'll tell you how, through my program to trade currency pairs you can make every day, without any special effort.

For several years now I have been helping thousands of traders improve their investment efficiency. Without leaving home, they have the opportunity to earn on forex trading and cfd assets. Follow my recommendations and you will also get chic results.

Auto trading is suitable for:

- Beginners, who have not got enough knowledge and experience for independent successful investing;
- traders, already earning on the stock exchange and want to increase your income by using advanced trading tools;
- Traders who find it difficult to conduct an independent comprehensive analysis of the market.

How does it work?

1) You register a free account on my trading system.

2) On the choice you are given a list of forex brokers, with which I am compatible. You open a trading account with one or more of several brokers (you can get acquainted with the basic characteristics and trade offers of brokers)

3) After that, you can use my offers:

- Choose the auto trading mode (in this case, I will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market for you, and in the presence of the best entries in the deal, I will open trades)
- Choose manual mode, using my online signals in a special trading room.

I was like a robot multifunctional. following my setup recommendations >>> you can choose the main assets for trading, trading systems and indicators for a comprehensive analysis.

Thousands of traders from around the world trade with me. Thanks to Auto Trading total daily income is several thousands dollars. Every day, investors share their successes and publish statistics of their trading profits and withdrawals. And you can see the statistics >>>

If you can not get yourself to earn in the financial markets, trust the professionals! Make Money with trading robot at any time and anywhere!